Art Teacher Style


Well, it's official, I can let the cat out of the bag.  I have been hired at my school as secondary art teacher indefinitely. I am thrilled.

I had been working as an assistant teacher for two years, and then this year I have been standing in as art teacher for someone on sabbatical, but she decided to extend her sabbatical and resign.  I have been hired and I am delighted to be teaching art for a longer period of time! It's wonderful to have my hard work be noticed and to reap the benefits of being faithful to a school.

Since receiving the position, I have been on full teacher mode.  Thinking and dreaming art teacher. I think about upcoming units, rearranging the art supply storage room, and have mostly been planning my gr 12 exhibition this past week.

It's really fun to let my heart really sink into the role and to embrace teaching art fully.  This whole year it has been hard to stay motivated because I knew I wouldn't be staying on, my hard work on lesson and unit planning felt a bit useless. Now it is all worth it. I have a lot of material I worked on this year to modify and try again next year.

I just wanted to share my delight and this big change in my life and in my heart.

Thanks for reading lovelies,




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