Bedroom Makeover Inspiration


I have been collecting some bedroom inspiration because I am not happy with it at all.  Though we only really sleep and get dressed in here, it feels like it should be simple, tidy and functional.

We've been working on our bedroom the past few months and it's not "finished." I don't know if any room in our house ever really be finished. The picture above is what it has looked like of the past 2 years... This is the view hiding a giant closet, and clothes rack (the unsightliness).  The bed is actually just the bed frame from our old loft bed, which you can from our old tiny studio flat. Check out that space, here and here.  We haven't been using a real bed...

A real bed was first on our list...

So, on to the inspiration. click images for sources. 

I need to find a closet solution. Our bedroom is so tiny that the giant closet just over powers the whole space. ggrrrh...

Have any of you ever built a hanging clothes rack before? I don't know if it will look too cluttered or not. I have a feeling it won't. 

Well, we'll see how it turns out.  

I'll keep you updated on how bedroom improvements come along. 



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