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I have recently been researching and gleaning information about happiness. What makes one happy, and how to stay happy. So, I've started this little series on my blog called “Happier,” which features some of my favourite bloggers/creatives and what three things they do to stay happy.  

What do you do to stay happy?

Today, we hear from Grace Bonney, who runs the blog Design Sponge. She is an incredibly delightful human, who has most recently been inspiring me in her podcast, about business and design, After the Jump

What three things do you do to stay happy?

"Hi Anna,

Thanks for thinking of me. My things are always changing, 
but here are my current 3:

1. Take our dog for a walk. It's hard to stay upset or down when you realize how many simple pleasures there are in life. Hope (our dog) makes me stop and realize the power of a nice breeze and watching the birds fly by.

2. Order a new book or read a new chapter. I've been reading a lot of books lately from various writers, buddhist monks, marketing gurus and local comedians. Each one brings a bit of wisdom or laughter into my day and gets me away from the stress that the internet can often be.

3. Admit that I'm unhappy. Having a moment that's rough is only made rougher by denying it. Giving myself a bit of time to feel upset, confide in someone else and work through it always makes me happier. Happy because I realize how appreciative I am to have friends who will help me through something and happy because I realize that I'm more resilient and stronger than I think.

g :) "

(all images from Grace's Instagram account @designsponge)

Thank you lovelies for reading! 

And Grace, Thanks a bunch for your time and your unending inspiration. I really appreciate it. 



What do you do to stay happy?

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