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I have recently been researching and gleaning information about happiness. What makes one happy, and how to stay happy. So, I've started this little series on my blog called “Happier,” which features some of my favourite bloggers/creatives and what three things they do to stay happy.  

What do you do to stay happy?

Today, we hear from Holly Becker who runs the blog Decor8. She is an incredibly delightful human, who leads courses, writes books and mothers a new baby boy Aidan. She is a fellow American making a life in Germany. 

What do you do to stay happy?

"The key to happiness, I believe, is to be positive even on days when it’s hard to see the good stuff. On those days, you have to force yourself to be positive, to see the good, to lift your mood – then you suddenly feel better and with that comes increased joy. 

But yes, positivity creates happiness in your life. If you always see the bad, you will feel bad. If you look for the good, you will find it and you will feel good. It takes more work at times – it’s easier to give in and see the negative in others and in ourselves but the moment you start to drift into that “dark zone” it’s essential to ask yourself why and if it’s not a deep-seated emotional issue but just a passing mood, then do something quickly to shift the mood. Of course, some days are just horrible – someone died for instance – and there is no way to feel better. That’s okay, we need those times to just cry and feel terrible. Beyond the clouds there is always a blue sky again anyway – you have to just believe that. 

 I have a bunch of things that I do to lift my mood when I am drifting over to the dark side. Mostly it’s MUSIC – loud music – great energizing music. Also, going for a long walk and ending up in my favorite local cafĂ© sipping a sugar free Green Tea Chai Latte with soy milk.

It’s the little things that rev me up again and get my mood heading in the right direction. Another mood lifter, that recently has created a ton of happiness in my life, is my brand new baby boy Aidan. When I feel overwhelmed or negative, I look at him and how fragile he is, how he needs his mommy to be joyful, how my mood will affect his mood – and I also think about his birth and how HAPPY I felt when the midwife put him in my arms… And that immediately knocks out my bad mood. Again, it’s all about having access to thoughts or actions that can quickly pull you out of the funk."

Photograph credit:1.Trine Hisdal, 2.Holly Marder, 3. Holly Becker 

Thank you lovelies for reading! 

And Holly, Thanks a bunch for your time and your unending inspiration. I really appreciate you immensely. 



What do you do to stay happy?

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