What I Need...


I'm usually quite good at knowing what I need, I usually guard my alone time, go to bed early, and relax when I start noticing that I need to slow down.  But the last few weeks I was ignoring all the intuitive signs, and it took some germs to make me realise what I needed.

 I pushed through the sickness (a sinus infection) trying to get all my grading done for students, meeting with people, visiting a professional development workshop, and ignoring my need to take a rest and get some good sleep. I ended up having to resign to my body, it took charge and floored me. Now, after a week and a half of rest, I realise (again) that I need to pay attention to the signs. I need to listen to my body and my heart and know what I need.

I think it is a part of growing up. Understanding what I need will probably take some time.  I know that when I take care of myself and satisfy my own needs, only then can I be there for my husband, students, and friends.

Do you struggle to really know what you need at times?



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