Natural Beauty Product Experimentation


My new hobby has been wonderfully exciting to explore and experiment. My collection of essential oils is growing, which makes my range of product choices wider. I am really happy with my first mix the Vanilla Coconut Body Moisturiser. The week before leaving on our USA trip, I made some tinted and un-tinted lip balm and some bug spray to take along.

My growing knowledge has been so enabling to make beauty products that I can use. It's a small but significant mind-set shift, to make my own beauty products.

We are taught that we can't make things that we use and that is such a silly lie.

I'll be trying out these products over the summer, then report back about how they work. At that point, if I can recommend them, I will provide you lovelies with the recipes. 

Have you been learning anything new lately?

Have a lovely day.



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