as a small child


Our next stop was LA, California to visit our friend BenJamin. Jamin is one of my best friends from growing up in Thailand. The strange thing is that, I spent my first 7 years in southern California as a child. He lives now, where I was born and lived just before I met him in Thailand. 

While in LA, there were so many memories and familiar smells that came back to me from times living there as a small child. I almost felt like a child again, running into the ocean, playing in the sand, weaving the seaweed and drift-twigs.

 I never realised that southern california did feel like a home to me. The smell of the salt and kelp on the beach was so familiar.

I knew the smell of eucalyptus trees and how their bark is so white.

I wanted to visit all the houses we lived in while in California, and to eat at my favourite Mexican restaurant, to visit my school and just to walk down memory lane, but we only had one short weekend in LA. 

We made new memories with good friends, which was just dandy! 

Then, we headed up north along the coast to be with more family and friends.

Back on the train. 

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