Whoops, Hiking in Birkenstocks


While on our Amtrak trip across the USA we wanted to make sure to experience some of the amazing wonders of nature. So, as one does when traveling west, we stopped in Flag Staff, Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon.

It was just as we imagined it, breathtaking.

 We hiked in for an hour into the canyon, and then an hour out. We weren't very prepared for hiking. I only had my birks and Dominik wore his leather sneakers. Whoops, oh well, the views were so worth it. Plus, I got to have some quality time with my man.

It was lovely to celebrate this bit of my home country with my husband. The past 4 years we've been enjoying living in his native land and it did my heart good to enjoy my home country and its beauty for a change.



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  1. Really impresive place, I'd like to visit it "in real life"


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