5 Tips to Avoid a Winter Funk


It's about this time of year in the northern hemisphere when the days get significantly shorter, and it seems too cold to go out. Growing up in Thailand, which had no winter, did not prepare me for the grey days of winter. If I don't watch out I easily fall into a winter funk. 

So here are a few tips to keep your spirits bright during the cold months. These tips are for me just as much as they are for you.

Resist the urge to hibernate! Find out what's happening in your town, go out with friends, visit cafes and coffee shops on your days off. Just getting out of the house on the weekends will help you stay engaged in your community and thinking about things beyond yourself.

Dress well. Those days in sweatpants and jeans are wonderful, but if there are too many of them they affect the spirit, and make me feel grimy. So, this winter we need to remember to keep looking good even when our outfits are covered with big coats.

Listen to new music. I know this may not seem like it will help, but being adventurous keeps life exciting! Even though we can't go on summer hikes or swimming in the lake, we can be adventurous with thing like our music. It's about time we bought some new records and favorited some new bands on Spotify. 

Count your blessings. Acknowledging things that are great in my life, things I am thankful for, always lifts my spirits. I like writing them down, talking about them with friends, or sharing them on instagram. Just thinking about all the lovely things in my life keep me in a positive mindset. 

Do more of what you love. Usually things you love to do, somehow get put on the back burner. Whether it is going for walks, baking, or reading. For me one of my most favourite things that I rarely do is, make things. So, this winter I am going to take time to make! 

pppssst... I'll share a bit of what I've been creating later this week...

What tips do you have to keep out of a funk?

Have a lovely funk-free day!



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