Take Time to Make: Painting


It does me good to take time for myself and to set aside time to be creative.

 These two abstract paintings are my most recent completed work. I painted the two pieces as a diptych for some good friends who recently got married. The paintings are done with acrylic paint. They were painted without taping the circle off, it was done free hand which took time and concentration.

The handwriting on the one canvas is a collection of emotions that one feels in marriage. Some of my favourites include "alive, frisky, and bliss."

When showing my students my paintings, one mentioned that I must have been inspired by Mark Rothko. *A proud moment for an art teacher, when a student can mention an artist studied from the previous year.  Though I didn't notice this, there is a very good chance I was inspired by Mark Rothko, at least subconsciously. I've always admired the way he blended from one colour to the next in his huge paintings.

Thanks for taking a peek at my recent artistic explorations.

I'll share some more sketches, and other works in progress soon.



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