5 Goals for 2015


I love the fresh start of a new year. It always gets me thinking about what I want to prioritize and keep in mind the next 12 months. Past years I've had super long lists, this year I am trying to keep them concise and earnest.

1. Take Time to Make:
This year one of my main focuses is to make time for creating. I'd like to designate a large portion of one day a week to being creative and making art.

2. Be Present:
I'd like to make sure to be present more often this year. Frequently, I avoid times to daydream and reflect by going onto my smartphone or checking my email. Taking time away from technology to let my mind wander and take in my surroundings will help me to be more present and reflective daily.

3. Declutter:
Our home is not super overcrowded, and I've been making good progress keeping our home organized, but we still have a whole lot that could be given away or tossed out. I think I'll be frequenting unclutterer.com this year for inspiration and tips.

4. Keep Date-Night Sacred:
These past few months Dominik and I have let date-night slide. We have not given quality time seniority. I know that I feel much closer to him, we have more grace for each other, and are generally more loving when we set aside time for each other.

5. Prioritize Myself:
I know this may sound selfish, but I would like to focus on me a bit more, so that I will be a better healthier person for my husband, friends, and family. This year I'd like to sit up straighter, workout consistently, and eat healthier. I'm hoping all these things will give me more energy and make me feel great!

What are your goals for this year?



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  1. Great Goals Anna! I join you in all :)


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