How Hospitality Enriches My Life


Having visitors and guests at our home really makes my life a whole lot better. It may seem like a very selfless thing, but here are my selfish reasons for loving being a hostess! 

I clean my house more frequently. This is actually a great benefit. I love having a clean tidy home, but I know that if we didn't have frequent guests it wouldn't be as tidy as it is these days. I have a lot of things and am naturally a bit disorderly, so knowing people are coming over soon is a real motivator to tidy up and clean small areas of our home.

I can be a homebody and have great times with friends. We have a wonderful home, I love being here. I am inclined to stay in. Inviting people to my home is a double win. I can stay in, but still have community and build relationships.

It feels so good. I can't lie and say it's not a bit selfish. I love having people enjoy our food, drink, atmosphere, and company when they come over. One of the best, most rewarding things is to have people enjoy themselves at our place. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that our guests feel at home.

Do you have people over much? I can only recommend it!



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