40 Facts...


  • I love plants but don't care for them well (yet).
  • I wear the most lovely sheepskin slippers every moment I'm at home. 
  • Frequently I can't sleep.
  • My husband and I do almost everything together, play in a band, work at the same school, sleep, etc...
  • I've only made love to one man.
  • I haven't picked my favorite art form yet. 
  • This house is the only place I can really call my home. The other places I've lived were all home but not MY HOME (I've moved a lot).
  • Summer is my most favoritest season. 
  • I invite people over to our place mostly so that I don't have to leave our home. 
  • I'm not a morning person, no matter how much I want to be. 
  • I have 10 childrens' names already picked out, but only plan on having 2-3 kids.
  • My first CD was Lauryn Hill's Misseducation. 
  • I learned to draw when I was 19 years old and then studied art in University. 
  • Buying lamps is one of my weaknesses.
  • I haven't found a food that I like to eat within an hour of waking up. 
  • Recently more often than not, I am waiting for a package from amazon.com
  • Showering is a bi-weekly thing for me in winter.
  • I play music with my husband (Dominik Baer) in his band. (oh I already mentioned this).
  • I make up songs and dances just for fun, but also to make my husband laugh.
  • Printmaking is a process I will always love!
  • I married a man that grew up moving every 2 years. At times I secretly want to stay in one place forever. 
  • Spicy instant-noodles are my favorite midnight snack. 
  • I got to know some of my best friends on msn messenger in the late 90s. 
  • I have cried at every wedding I've ever been to, even if I don't know the couple. 
  • I cry often. Shedding tears left and right, more often happy than sad.
  • People say I'm a good communicator, though I feel as if I can't speak any language properly. 
  • I wasn't a picky eater until I moved to Germany at 24 years old. 
  • My favorite hobby is learning how to do something new. I'm most interested when I'm constantly learning new things about a subject or skill. 
  • I was a vegetarian for 4 years. Now I eat everything. 
  • Teaching art at a school both sucks up all my creativity and inspires me to create at the same time. I give away too many good ideas to my students.
  • I love watching good movies again and again.
  • I will never be a minimalist. 
  • I smoked my first cigarette all alone, when I was 13. I got the spins and had to lie down. 
  • One of my friends growing up once said to me "Anna, we're the cool kids at school." That day I  realized she wasn't that cool. 
  • Nights alone at home are my favorite.
  • At times I wish the world had one universal language that was a combination of the best words in every language. Feierabend = party evening, after work, in german, graeng jai = apologetic about inconveniencing someone, in Thai, and gizmo= meaning gadget in English, etc...
  • I can't remember the last time I was bored. 
  • I chemically straightened my hair when I was in grade 8. It didn't work at all.
  • Loving myself has always been a struggle of mine.
  • Loving others has come easy to me. I have only hated being around a hand-full of people in the duration of my life.
Thanks for reading lovelies. 





  1. Is there no translation for Gizmo in German? didn't know that. I just love that word too - but also because I thought Gizmo was adorable in that movie Gremlins.

    1. Haha, There probably is a translation. I just think it is such a great word!

  2. I love that you can't remember the last time you were bored! I wouldn't know people who could say this.
    And lamps? I hear ya!!! I'm a lamp and white bowl kind of girl...

    Loved your honesty!

    1. Yvonne,
      Thanks. Yeah I am not easily bored.

      I loved your honesty on your post.



  3. I prefer inviting people to my house too instead of having to go out :) See you at The Hive!

  4. I love your list of 40! It was nice to meet you. I am an easy cra person as well!

  5. Hey, fellow homebody, I really enjoyed reading your 40 facts. Looking forward to meeting you in April!

  6. Thanks for sharing your facts! I loved reading them, very interesting and likeable. See you soon in Berlin! :-)


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