Amsterdam Shop Window: HutSpot


Hutspot was one of the shop / cafes I wanted to visit while in Amsterdam. It is an independent stylish hipster mall. They have a barbershop, a home-wares and clothing shopping section, a cafe and then at night they have a bar.

Photo courtesy of all other photos by me. 

It's a lovely place to peruse around and be inspired.

Hutspot has a lot to offer.  Next time you're in Amsterdam be sure to drop by and get your hair cut, a yummy fresh juice, some new ethically made clothes, or a cocktail at the bar. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam, where are your favorite places to visit?

Thanks for reading lovelies, have a good day. 



Here are a few of my other favorite spots in Amsterdam. Six & Sons, Restored, Latei.  

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  1. Amsterdam is such a cool place. And every shop seems to be unique and inspiring. I'm not so sure the people of Amsterdam see it the same way though.


  2. All I have to say is: "Hot Men in AmsterDAMn!".....Do they just walk everywhere in their trendy clothes and go to cool shops, making them look even better in their Muns?? (Man Buns: Hair---not the other buns, although those are nice too, usually.).......OK, I was also just drawn to the cool little nick nacks they have and of course those onesies....I'm baby obsessed and I have a baby, and it never ends. #BabyFeverAllDay I'm also just obsessed with my son, and hot muns.....Love You Annerrr


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