OGA Beauty: Natural Handmade Cosmetics


My skin and my life have improved since using natural products. I cannot believe that these natural ingredients sooth and moisturize my skin so much! If I would have told myself as a teenager that using oil as a moisturizer helps reduce zits I would have laughed at me. My dry skin has become much more balanced and healthy. 

My life has improved, because I have found great joy in making these potions. I have loved exploring making them for myself. I've had great success and I use my own products daily. I've had a number of people ask for me to make them some. Then, the natural next step, for an entrepreneur is to sell, so, I'll be selling them locally this weekend, at Beat Basar in the Halle 02 in Heidelberg.

I'll have Body Balm, Linen/Room Mist, Zit Zapper, and Beard Oil available this weekend.  We'll see how well they sell.

Thanks for reading lovelies!



P.S. Thank you Dominik for taking photographs for me!!!

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  1. I have discovered hand made cosmetics for myself. Mainly because I turn total fan girl and use argan and coconut oil! And have replaced many of my usual products with them....

    It is always a cute gift too!


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