Selling Locally: Beat Basar


As I mentioned earlier this week, there aren't too many ethically made shopping options in Heidelberg. My vintage shop is one option, when I do sell locally.

Just before easter, I sold locally at a creative market at the Halle 02, here in Heidelberg. There is usually a nice variety of handmade goods at Beat Basar, which happens 3 times a year. I have sold my vintage a number of times there. This time I had the pleasure of selling my new handmade, natural beauty products, as well as my vintage. 

There was a lot of interest in my products. It was fun to see people trying them. I think next time I sell locally, which will be at the Frohmarkt at Action House, I will bring more options. People were interested in the creams and oils but they seemed to want some additional fragrance options.

Thank you Dominik for the photos. 

What are your favorite fragrances?



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