Art Investigation: Part 1: Brainstorming


I'm interested in being a little bit more intentional with the content of my art. So I've decided to share some of my steps and processes when working on making art.

Firstly, I spend some time to let myself brainstorm and realize what things I am moved by and passionate about. It's a bit jumbled and all encompassing, but that's the important thing about brainstorming. Everything can be included. I'm hoping to create some artwork about what moves me soon. So this is the first step.

After brainstorming, I picked one part that I felt most drawn to currently, NESTING 

One thing that really excites me these days is building a nest. I suppose it's much like the birds, now that it's spring. I am feeling the great desire and lust to create a beautiful space inside and outside of our home. I won't be laying eggs this year, but collecting, arranging, repairing and padding our little nest will be taking place.

Who knows what this will look like in my final pieces of artwork, but it's a fun place to start knowing what I'd like to investigate.

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?

Thanks for reading lovelies!


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