Shop Update: Spring 2015


My sister-in-law Jessie and I worked on a little shop update this past two weeks. We listed some treasures that have been hiding in my secret collection for quite some time. I haven't worked on my vintage shop in a long time! But I'd really like to regularly update it this spring and summer!

Check out this wicked two piece dress!

It's finally time to debut some lovely models that I have recruited over the years. My delightful friend Patricia looked bomb in this two piece dress!

Apart from this floral summer look, here are some wicked rocker leather pants!

and this is my friend Caro; isn't she super pretty and cute!

Last but not least my lovely sister-in-law Jessie, isn't she a looker.

To check out other vintage shop items, you are welcome to visit my online shop or visit me locally at Frohmarkt at Action House on June 14th!

I feel really inspired to get work done, to follow my passions. I usually feel overwhelmed by my long list of hobbies and creative tasks. But this spring, I am ready to do what I can. I can create when I can, make, write, design when I can and that's as much as I can do. There's no pressure to do all of it but I am trying to be intentional about scheduling time to do some of these things I have really been wanting to do, like work on my shop and post some new things!

Thanks for reading lovelies!



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