Art Investigation: Part 2: Research


After I finished with the brainstorming part of the investigation, I then began researching about the topic.

As I mentioned in my last post in this series, I've decided on the idea of "nesting".  I am interested to find some connections between birds and human nesting behaviors.

SUBJECT MATTER: *I think, it's important, when making art, to think visually throughout the whole planning process. I made a list of subject matter associated with nesting; such as, birds, nests, inside spaces, nature, feathers, eggs, house hold items, etc...

MY APPROACH: Then I took a bit of time to think of what makes my approach to this topic unique and individual. "Having lived in multiple countries, I have struggled to identify my home. I have made my home here. In this flat and this is the place I belong. I am drawn to make a home/nest here. I belong here," this is some writing from my sketchbook.

RESEARCH: Having decided my point of view, I wanted to find some connections between humans and birds. So, naturally I began to research a bit about birds and their nesting patterns. I checked out some books about birds from the library, watched a few online documentaries about birds, etc.  I also collected a number of questions that interested me about the subject.

Did you know that male Bowerbirds build colorful little huts for the females to come and checkout

Did you know that Bowerbird males set up a color coordinated little hut for the female to check out, before she decides to mate with him. Haha. Isn't that just darling.

The research part is a really fun part for me!!!

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?



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