This summer I am hoping to take time to make, and to practice drawing. I have challenged myself, my students and now I am challenging you!

Draw this summer! Draw as many drawings as you can. I am hoping to draw 50 drawings. I am hoping to draw daily for at least 10 minutes. I will use real-life objects, people, books, whatever gets me to draw something!

I always struggle to come up with what to draw! 

So here are some ideas of things to draw:
  • toys
  • bicycles
  • cars
  • your animals
  • fish
  • whales
  • sharks
  • birds
  • insects
  • flowers
  • your friend
  • your parents
  • your relatives
  • eyes
  • mouths
  • your hands
  • your feet
  • your body
  • your bed
  • a chair
  • lamps
  • cups
  • bottles
  • glasses
  • plates
  • cutlery
  • food
  • vegetables
  • desserts
  • beverages
  • candy
  • landscapes
  • mountains
  • trees
  • cityscapes
  • streets
  • buildings
  • tools
  • house plants
  • what you are wearing
  • hats
  • dresses
  • pants
  • underwear
  • glasses
  • shoes
  • socks
  • sports
  • sports equipment
  • sports players
  • just a doodle
  • a book/comic book character
  • your name in a new bubble letter font
  • an emotion

Here is a link to download the handout that I gave my students...if you're a nerdy teacher like me, or if you would like to print this list out easily!

P.S. This other lady named Anna has some great intros to drawing on her youtube channel. Youtube is a great resource for learning new things!



What are you hoping to foster this summer?

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