Art Investigation: Part 3: Drawing/Making


The next step I am taking, after brainstorming and researching, is drawing/sketching subject matter. Doing some studies of the subject matter.

There are really so many pretty things to draw when thinking about birds and nesting...

I may do some self portraits in my final work, who knows... I may fill my hair with a nest.

There is no pressure at this stage to have any solid ideas. Taking this time to collect some of the visual stimulus having to do with your theme. Studying some of the visual imagery or symbolism that you can play with, helps you to get to know the beauties and complexities of their being and their formal qualities, like their shape, and texture.

Most importantly this buys you a bit of time to just make a bit. Getting your hand moving and creating is one of the most important steps. These sketches and studies don't have to be strong, or finished works. They just let your mind and hand communicate a bit about the subject and potential symbolism.

Have you been taking any time to make recently?



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