6 Things We Love About Vanlife


We’ve been on the road now for 4 weeks. Dominik and I moved into our Ford Transit for the summer, this is our last summer with just the two of us. We’re expecting a Little Baer in January 2017. 

We have been finding amazing places to park our van for the night. Driving a few hours a day and visiting cities and amazing scenic nature spots along the way.
We love camping and being at new beautiful places everyday. I love that it’s a home that we can take with us. I am a homebody so having a home on wheels makes living on the road for so long comfortable and homey. If we were just backpacking, I would have longed for home 3 days in. 

Life is simpler on the road. We are on vacation, we’re both arts teachers by profession, so we have to keep that in mind, but daily life on the road this summer has been wake, eat, play, drive, eat, play, eat, sleep, repeat… Just being able to focus on our basic needs, without having to tend to a lot of things, is such a relief. We are seriously considering living on the road for a few months at a time playing shows and traveling. Somehow making a living on the road. 

    We’re enjoying figuring life out and fixing things up on the road. Dom has especially loved making improvements and I am all about nesting, so it has been fun to make this place more fuctional and cozy while traveling. Living in such a tiny space requires a lot of creative thinking and problem solving.

    Holiday without accommodation fees. We shouldn’t forget the almost 10 thousand euros we used to buy and repair the van, but we are hoping to get our monies worth over the next few years. It’s such a luxury to be able to pay no fee to sleep anywhere. 

    We love that there is no TV. We haven’t had internet most of the trip. Not watching a lot of shows and surfing the web has been a refreshing  break for us. I haven’t had so much time to think, journal, read, and play sudoku as I have the past 4 weeks. It’s been fun to give our minds a bit of a screen detox. Internet and movies then become a treat. We did download a movie the other night when we got wifi at a cafe, a few rainy days in the van gave us some serious cabin fever. 

    That being said, we love the sound of the rain on the roof and being closer to nature. It’s been so refreshing to spend so much time outdoors, enjoying such scenic views, and cozying up with tea and a hot waterbottle when it gets cold. It feels so different from our little city life in Heidelberg, Germany.  

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