Golly, I Love Teal


Yes, olive green is my favorite color, but recently I have been so very drawn to the color teal. It's very calming and warm at the same time. It's one of the warmest cool color, I suppose.

I'm not sure if other artists have this, but I at times can become somewhat fixated on a color. Pablo Picasso, Yves Klein, and Joan Miro, all had a blue period. There may be something to this color that artists can't escape. Teal or turquoise is a very warm blue, it's not quite as infinite as a darker, blue but it has a wonderful warmth about it.

Teal is a mix of blue and green. The "color blue expresses calm, gentle, serene feelings, while green symbolizes growth, strength and spirit" (reference.com).  I found this website, and it has several insights about the color turquoise. "The meaning of the color turquoise is open communication and clarity of thoughtIt presents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life."  I resonate with this meaning, and maybe that's why I've been drawn to it. I have recently been feeling like I have been able to communicate well in my artwork and have been sensing more clarity about what to make. I'm also incredibly happy. :)

Our kitchen table, with a pillow designed by Karli Ingersoll

Maybe I'm also loving this color because it is really communicating my intrigue and desire for calm and the subtle warmth of life. I'm finding some comfort in the color and love to look at it.

I loved Jaroslaw kozlowski's work at ABC Art Fair in Berlin

Has there been any color that has been sticking out to you recently? One that you have been drawn to? What does that color communicate to you?

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