Artist Excuses even on the Road


I don’t know about you other artists, but I have this artist block where I think that conditions have to be perfect in order to make art. The lack of perfect art-making conditions is one thing that honestly, often keeps me from making.
Perfect art-making conditions include: I have to be alone. I need a lot of space. I need at least 3 hours of uninterrupted time. I need every material available that I may ever use. Well, these circumstances will never all happen at once. And few of them will ever occur, letalone living the artist vanlife with a baby. 
Living on the road has been challenging this artist block. I’m barely ever alone, I usually have about a meter of space, my baby breastfeeds every 2ish hours, and I have only brought a few art supplies because space is limited. But I do have other ideal art making circumstances. I’m surrounded by inspiring things, I have a husband that shares baby time, I can take time for art, if it’s only an hour here or there. And at times it’s good to have limitations when making art. Limiting my materials can be a good challenge in art-making, it is influencing my process and artwork too. 

 Despite this silly artist block, my husband is my biggest artist advocate. He encourages me to take time to make, he loves my artwork and he loves me. I have been creating on the road and I have a number of pieces which I am making and selling from the road if you are interested, I can send a piece to you at the nearest post office on our travels.

What’s keeping you from taking time to make? What are your excuses?
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