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Teacher, Designer, Curator

I'm so happy you are here! I am an art teacher by day and an artist/blogger/vintage shop owner by night. Olive Green Anna started as a personal blog 5 years ago, sharing bits of art I had created and wedding inspiration. Olive Green Anna is currently a lifestyle blog focusing on creativity, teaching, adventures, style, photos and all sorts of other delights. 

I grew up in Thailand. Then studied printmaking in Spokane, Washington before getting my masters in teaching and moving to Germany to live with my good looking musician husband Dominik. Here you'll find posts about traveling, making art, teaching, and personal style. 

photo by Patricia Swanson. 

Here are some favourite posts to give you a little peek.

-The Hesitant Maximalist: getting to know myself bit by bit and being me
-Goals for 2014: ambitions and dreams drive me yearly, monthly, and daily
-Shop Window: supporting small businesses and artists is one of my passions
-Cocktail Hour: celebrating a good day with a cocktail in hand is a favourite  rituals

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