About Anna

Olive Green Anna (Anna Baer) is american artist based in Heidelberg, Germany, whose practice examines the relationship between control and wild. Her curiosity and practice depart from meditations on identity, chaos, calm. She holds a Masters in Teaching (Arts) and a BA in Fine Arts from Whitworth University. Olive Green Anna has been a working artist and writing her art blog at olivegreenanna.com since 2009.

Anna has held art teaching positions at Heidelberg International School, (Heidelberg, Germany), and North Central High School (Spokane, WA, USA), and currently works as an artist in Heidelberg, Germany. She is an active member of Heidelberg's creative community, running pop up galleries like the Zeitgenießische Gallery, organizing creative markets, and artistic workshops. Recent fine art projects include curation and space rental at the Zeitgenießische Gallery, Heidelberg, artist residencies at Mai Space in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Berlin Art Institute, COLLIDING IN THE DARK a collaborative project with musician Dominik Baer in which she paints a new painting to every song he released in 2018, and a piece as part of METROPOLINK an urban art festival in Heidelberg this summer (2018). She is the recipient of the 2009 and 2008 Art Talent Award at Whitworth University (Spokane, WA, USA).

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Anna’s work seems to inspire both limitless imagination and tangible boundaries. You feel safe and thrilled, all in one breath. We love having multiple pieces from her hanging in our home.
— Amy Jarrett and Julian Scharpf, Art Collectors
Anna is a driven and ambitious artist. Her recent paintings investigate issues revolving around identity and the natural world. Her colorful palette and minimalist/expressive mark making result in beautiful images that have been growing in scale and sophistication over the last several years.
— Scott Kolbo, Artist and Art Professor at Seattle Pacific University
Ms. Anna Baer thrives in artistic community. While attending residency programs she is always in the studio, making work.... She is friendly and collaborative. She is open and resourceful during critiques. She is prolific and experimental in her practice, consistently trying new things and developing as an artist.
— Stephanie Jünemann & Ralf Schmitt, BERLIN ART INSTITUTE Artist Residency

About the work

I live seeking understanding of identity, wild, and calm. My current work uses nature, in and around me as my muse. In my outdoor studio on the road or at my studio in Heidelberg, Germany, I investigate the relationship between control and wild. 

While pregnant I realized how little control I had over my body and whether the little babe in me would survive full term or develop healthily. Since then, I have been conscious about situations in which I have control and don't. Living in this juxtaposition is exciting and nerve-racking. We all can make intentional marks in our lives but a the same time, there are natural elements which are out of our sphere of influence. I find calm and quiet in my work and in this life, even when control and wild are so near one another. 

In my current practice, I find this calm when pushing and pulling paint on the canvas, dripping, and making marks and layers. I am using materials that are at times out of my control, such as swirling fluid paints and inks. I can influence them, but they move and collide when I turn my back on them for a moment. Walking this fine line of intention and chance is what interests me most about life and painting.


Anna Baer (Olive Green Anna) b. 1986, California, USA


2019 Upcoming: Solo Show, Whitworth University, (Spokane, USA)

2019 Upcoming: Project 31, Group Show, Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 You whisper, we bellow, solo show, Zeitgeniessiche Gallery (Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 Metropolink Urban art festival, (Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 Calm Chaos no.03, Zeitgeniessiche Gallery (Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 Calm Chaos no.02, Zeitgeniessiche Gallery (Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 Calm Chaos no.01, Zeitgeniessiche Gallery (Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 Colliding in the dark, Solo show, Zeitgeniessiche Gallery (Heidelberg, Germany)

2018 Maispace pop up gallery, Jaithep music and arts festival (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

2017 International group show, Maispace (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

2017 "Nachtwandel: Music/Art Night", (Mannheim, Germany) 

2016 "Calm-chaos", solo show, action house, (Heidelberg, Germany)

2016 "Berlin Art Institute: Open Studios: (Berlin, Germany)

2016 "Arbeitsproben" Group show, VHS, (Heidelberg, Germany)

2009 Group Show at koehler gallery (washington, USA)

2008 Group Show at koehler gallery (Washington, USA)

2008 solo show at Empyrean (washington, USA)

2007 group show at Empyrean (washington, usa)



ARTIST RESIDENCY, MaiSpace, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2016-February 2017

-create work independently

-Exhibit work in the gallery space.


-created work independently and communally, participated in workshops, and gallery visits

-Exhibited work at the open studio day

Curator / Gallerist, Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg, March-September 2018

-curate and exhibit shows by local and international artist at a gallery space in Heidelberg. 


-Write a blog featuring posts about home, art, adventure, and my experiences living a creative lifestyle.


-Develop and execute art curriculum for grades 6-12.
-Mentor students completing their diploma in Visual Ar ts.
-Provide Visual Ar t professional development for staff at the school


-Informed visitors of the gallery space and its content -Hosted artist receptions
-Aided in hanging and dismantling art work between shows


-contact artists to participate in Artocracy.org, a virtual space connecting artists and patrons through the sale of affordable art 


Masters in Teaching, Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington, July 2010

Bachelor of Arts in fine arts, whitworth university, spokane, Washington, 2009

Concentration: Printmaking
Coursework: Painting, Printmaking (Lithography, Silkscreen, Etching), Drawing, Color and Design, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, Digital Imaging (Photoshop)

Residency teacher certificate, State of washington, july 2010

Endorsement: Visual Arts (P-12)


2009 outstanding senior award, Art Department, whitworth university

2009 art talent award, whitworth university

2008 enhanced art talent award, whitworth university


Works held in private collections in Germany, the United States, UK, Australia, and Thailand.