artist statement

Generous white space. Scribbled ink-blot. Exploding topographical wombs. 

Motherhood turned me, representational artist, into abstract expressionist. Losing my first baby exposed how little control I have, which forced me to let go and create more freely in the studio. Miscarriage taught me that I had no control whatsoever whether my new baby would make it to full term. In an effort to accept the wild, I began working with round shapes containing chaotic color within. My art practice is intuitive and improvisational.

My admiration for the AbEx artists trickles into my work. I see hints of Helen Frankenthaler's large washes on natural unprimed canvas and Cy Twombly with his scribbly, illegible writing. The large, monumental canvas calls to me as it did them. I push and pull materials, as well as write stream-of-consciousness, on canvas over 1x1 meter in size sprawled on the floor. My color-field paintings incorporate both spontaneous and meticulous applications of ink, pastel, acrylic, spray, and oil paint. My aim in the studio is to let go, be present, and play with the paint, play in a serious manner, as children do. I am artist-mother in restraint and perpetual release.