Hi, I'm Anna (Olive Green Anna)

I realised recently that there are several of you that are reading my blog for the first time and I haven’t introduced myself in a while…

I’m a working artist and gallery owner in Heidelberg, Germany. I paint abstract expressionistic mixed media paintings for emerging collectors all over the world. I take care of my babeies part-time and make art and run my creative business part-time. As an artist, I have never been so far along in a body of work, as I am right now. I am continuously learning and using new materials, pushing my practice and boundaries further and further. Parenthood is an inspiring and wild time. My experiences loosing a child, birthing a child, and raising a child have taken me and my painting to places I could never have expected.

I taught art for 4 years at an international school in Heidelberg. It was a wonderful time, but during that time I was barely making any of my own work. I studied art in Uni, in Washington State, printmaking, actually and I loved how structured and process based it was. I am all about the process. I learn so much about me and the world when I paint.

I’ve been on parental leave from my art teaching job, thank you Germany, and have been focusing on making art in my studio for the past two and a half years. I love teaching. I’m most definitely not done teaching, as a matter of fact I am pre-launching a new online course so stay tuned on Instagram.

What creative desire have you been wanting to put into motion?

In just 2 days my husband and I are going to be performing and giving a talk at TEDx Heidelberg. I am excited and delighted to share more of our journey there on the stage. Wish us luck.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Anna BaerComment
Colliding In the Dark

It’s happened. We made it. In just over a week Dominik will be celebrating his 12 new songs, 12 new music videos, and I will be presenting all 12 paintings to his songs he released this year.

SO EXCITED for this event! Come and celebrate with me!

On the 20th of December we will be presenting all three aspects of the year-long art project. There will be a CONCERT, an EXHIBITION of the 12 large-scale works by me and a chance to view some of the 12 music videos I produced this year!

Don't miss out on this EVENT!

*Crowdfund supporters as well as collectors of my art get an automatic guest-list spot (free ticket), so please contact me if you have bought a work of mine and are interested in coming to the show.

More info about the event on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and watching lovelies and see you soon.


I cannot be a great mom and a great artist.

This is a major limiting believe that I have carried with me the past 10 years, or maybe lifetime.

I cannot be a brilliant and prolific artist as well as an attentive and nurturing mother.


My career as an artist began, with motherhood. Before this, I taught art for 5 years, ran an online vintage shop, and lead creative workshops. But not until 3 years ago, while pregnant with Vigo, did I start painting for me and selling my work. Upon becoming a mother I became an ‘real’ artist.

I don’t yet know where this belief came from, I may have to seek counselling on the subject. There is a pressure for mothers in general to always be present with their children. To be there for them all the time. There is also a strong natural inclination to do so.

But as a working mama, who wants to thrive at my job and passion and in motherhood, I consistently am confronted with this self doubt about whether I am falling short in both respects.

“I cannot,'“ is just not true. Now, I have decided that I can…

What could this look like, what could being a great mom and a great artist look like? This is what I began imagining…

-I take chunks of time in the studio to perfect my craft and build a body of work. Ideally at least 3 days a week. Sharing the childcare time with my husband Dominik.

-I make beautiful work that is unique to me, that speaks to and moves people. That adds beauty to this life and (at times) bleak world.

-I make a good living as a visual artist, I could do what I love and support my family. We could be flexible and free in our lifestyle and I could be making and selling art to pay all our expenses.

-I want to be WITH my children. Enjoying and delighting in them when we spend time together.

-My children (1 child so far) are so beautiful and fun. I want to savour my time with them, especially when they are so small, cuddly and their brains are making millions of new connections a day.

-Let go of MOM GUILT and know that I am most happy when I am both working in the studio and spending time with my babies. If I were a full-time stay-at-home-mama, I would be pretty miserable. A happy, healthy, and balanced mama is of great benefit to my offspring. A miserable and overwhelmed mama who is around all the time, would not be best for their little hearts’ and brains’ maturity.

I am so grateful to share the parenting role 50/50 with my husband. This has freed me up to really take time with my son Vigo as well as put in good and consistent hours in my studio and art career. What a dream scenario.

My limiting belief is being dismounted and a few of my goals for this coming year are to…

  • Be present and active with my boys (yes we are having another boy.)

  • Take time to make, prioritise my studio practice.

Wish me luck! I’ve been practicing this the past two years, with Vigo, but I am so excited and delighted to add a new baby to our lives and see how we can make this work, while having two small children in our home and lives.


What is a limiting belief that you believe? Imagine the possibilities if this were possible. What would it look like? It is possible.

Decide that you can.

Thanks for reading lovelies.


10 lessons I have learned in 2018
Heidelberg artist, abstract painter
  1. With a supportive partner, even pregnant ladies and tired moms can have thriving businesses.

  2. Allocating roles makes life smoother. We have finally, after 7+ years of marriage, realised that Dominik doesn’t dislike cooking as much as I do, and I don’t mind cleaning as much as he does, so Dominik does most of the cooking and I do most of the cleaning. We haven’t had an argument about cleaning yet this year and it used to be a weekly quarrel.

  3. Getting rid of clutter in our home makes cleaning and tending so much easier.

  4. When we pull back our expenses we free up time and funds for other things…

  5. I have a lot of wisdom/resources to share, I just need to take the time to do so.

  6. If I keep making art and putting my art out there, I will keep selling.

  7. Our kids are tiny for such a short time, I want to savour every moment of it.

  8. My personal art style emerges when I keep making and following my intuition.

  9. I thrive when working outside of the home, in my studio.

  10. Dominik and I can work together well and create a beautiful body of work inspired by one another an our experiences. We haven’t always been the best at collaborating artistically. I am very independent and usually don’t like input in my artistic practice. But this year I enjoyed creating a large scale abstract painting to every one of his new songs he released. It has been a wild ride for us and I am so proud to share the whole project with Heidelberg on December 20th, at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg.

What is one lesson you have learned so far in 2018?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


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5 surprises, since becoming a working artist

I have been an artist, making art about 30 hours a week for 2.5 years. What an honor. #blessed.

When I think back on it so far, I have made quite a bit of progress in some surprising areas. There have been a few things that I didn’t expect, ways that I have grown and truths about art making that I have learned since being a practicing artist.


Abandoning Perfectionism:

I have not made a perfect piece of work in my years of making. I have made some decent work, some good work, a few great pieces, but nothing perfect. I cannot expect this of myself. I should have high expectations and standards for my work that I call finished, but I cannot expect perfection. I wouldn’t make anything if that were the goal.

making before I had any ideas:

Where do you get your ideas? Someone asked me the other day. I remember just starting out painting again and not knowing where to even start. I painted nests and birds, landscapes, and portraits, I bought art supplies and canvas sizes and shapes that were on sale, to just start making again.

I have found that the ideas come when we start, and they keep coming if we keep making. When I don’t know what to do in the studio, just some color mixing, tidying, canvas prepping, collage material clipping, or other such studio tasks usually give me the time to come up with some great ideas.


Process based art making:

What keeps me sane as an artist, is focusing on expression, play and experimentation in the studio. I just love working with materials and getting into the work. I love adding layers, pushing fluid paints, writing stream of consciousness. My work’s energy is in the making of it, the finished product is secondary.

Sales can be service:

This has been one of the most surprising things.

I am noticing that painting hasn’t only brought me healing and insight, but it has also spoken to others and brought them some beautiful reflection too. I was not expecting that such a selfish act, as painting for myself, could actually end up being an act of service to others.


Addicted to the studio:

I am also surprised by this. When I was teaching art, my own artistic practice was near non-existent. My art would call my name, but I would ignore it because I was so out of practice, didn’t know where to start and felt so out of touch with my artist. Now, if I am out of the studio for 3 days I start getting pretty antsy and have to get into the studio, even if it is just for a short time during my child’s nap.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Anna (Olive Green Anna)

What is your biggest struggle right now, when it comes to art?