zeitgenießische: Olive Green Anna solo show.

Our first exhibition at the Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg is a solo show of my new work which I have been making in collaboration with my husband Dominik Baer. He is bringing out a new song every month and I am painting a new work in response to each song. 

The songs are singles, they are very differing in subject and style. My paintings are therefore very varied. Which is a challenge for me because I tend to work in series.

The largest work in the show is called Spinning Out, it is and energetic adventurous song about taking the leap into the unknown. I was so active when making this work, writing in big strokes spinning not the floor, sweeping layers of gesso over previous painted layers, swirling big spaces of paint together, scripting spray words over and over. On the other hand, Fall (the monochromatic one in black and white), is a very call quiet song about failing and getting back up. The piece visually represents the melody and vibes of the song. It is simplistic and calm, 

I'm honing in on my synesthesia skills, practicing the art of communicating one sense into another. I am incredibly inspired by this project. It is challenging me in my practice. I am trying out a variety of techniques and processes.

I initially didn't want to join Dominik in this project, I am fiercely independent and I knew the tunes that we were putting out this year. I knew I would have to paint a piece about our adventures, simplicity, miscarriage, and mind games. Did I really want to take this challenge on. I was hesitant but I am so glad that I agreed. Each song is very differing and there for each painting in this body of work is different. I am loving this time of experimentation and discovery. Letting each song dictate my movements and use of color. 

These are the first 5 paintings, the next 7 are yet to come. They will all be displayed when completed together in an exhibition at the end of 2018. We are planning a big exhibition, concert and screening of our project. More info on that come winter. 

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To hear the first 5 tunes listen to Dominik Baer on Spotify. 

Bright Red Dot:

I'm thrilled but also somewhat hesitant to share my latest performance art piece. This piece is about the beautiful beginning of new life and having that growing being ripped away from you, destroyed. 

The song was written by my husband, Dominik Baer, featuring me singing, and in the music video performing a piece, painting to visualise our experience.  I'll write a bit more about it at a later date, but for now I would love for you just to take it in and share it with someone you think may be moved by it. 

Thanks for looking, listening and reading lovelies, 


Behind the Painting: Fall

I'm proud to present a little clip about my thoughts and process behind the painting I did for Dominik's song FALL. It's my first monochromatic painting since my printmaking days in Uni. 

Making work in response to Dominik's calendar album #collidinginthedark has been a challenge so far. Each song is completely different, which calls for different visual elements. This is my second piece for the album, I am excited and curious to see how the next 10 turn out.

thanks for reading and watching lovelies,


OGA- Live Painting Video

Dominik and I are so excited about our upcoming creative year! He is releasing a calendar visual album of 12 new songs, 12 music videos, and I am painting 12 accompanying paintings. Take a look at his crowdfunding video for more info about it. I shot and thought up the idea for the video. hehe.

The other night I invited Dom's audience into my Chiang Mai studio for some live painting and I wanted to share that video with you. It's a little over half an hour but it gives an insight into the beginning of a painting of mine, as well as some commentary about my concepts.

Olive Green Anna, LIVE in her Chiang Mai studio!

I was super nervous to welcome the public in, and just to share this part of my process but why not. I'm sure it is fun to have an insight into this part of my process. I hope that you enjoy it. Please let me know if you'd like me to do a few more live videos!

Thanks for reading and watching lovelies.


Olive Green Anna



Large Scale Art

Back in June I sold most of my tiny scale paintings in my instagram sale. I earned enough to buy some large scale materials to paint BIG!


I have always desired to work on a large scale. Ever since studying art history and falling in love with the abstract expressionists I knew I wanted to work big some time in life. Just writing this is scary because I am admitting it to myself too again. This has been a very strong desire. This is a desire that brings up quite a bit of artist fear inner dialogue. My work isn't good enough to be huge scale. How can I even compare myself to the great abstract expressionists, who have gone before me? Big work is for BIG artists. What I have to say isn't that important. Painting big will cost too much for the materials.

I'm done with this negative self talk. It's just not true. I am beginning to believe in myself as an artist.  My work is good. The early abstract expressionists didn't know what they were doing, on the daily basis I'm sure. They tried out new things in the studio all the time. I have to make work. Only I can make this artwork. When in the studio I feel like my truest self.

2 x 2 meters is the biggest I've ever worked. I have made a number of 1 x 1 meter paintings. The first time I ever painted a piece that was 1 x 1 meter, was in Berlin during the artist residency at the Berlin Art Institute. I was super nervous about painting on a canvas that big. Several of them turned out great, they are in my shop, I hope that painting bigger than 2meters will become natural and not as scary as the 1meter pieces are to me now. It's fun to continue to challenge my self, and it is so fun to fulfill a life long dream of painting at such a large scale!

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So here is my full list of 7 Days and Ways of simplifying. Over on instagram I've been sharing how we have been simplifying and many of you have joined me to take on the challenge.



1. airplane mode

I have been more conscious about closing the computer when I'm hanging out with Vigo, writing or working in my studio. I turn the phone and computer on airplane mode. Just to not feel the pressure to be connected. (When dom and vigo are not around, I do not go on airplane mode.)

I only check email once a day, if I do at all that day. Thankfully currently I don't work for an employer that expects me to be on email every day, multiple times a day. I may have important emails about sales, or shows to answer but, I am currently free to check my messages when I like.  Whether it be a text message, email, Facebook messenger or what's app. I don't check it every day.  When I am focusing on the life in front of me, my family and friends, my space and surroundings, I usually feel best.. It's way better than using more time than is needed responding right way, or being in constant contact. Yikes when did this expectation from others and our own immense fomo take over our lives and the ability to be present.  

Take an hour today to be on airplane mode then go and do something that you love. Sit on the floor and play with your child, take a bath, go for a walk, whatever it is enjoy it. If you do this frequently you will start to crave Airplane mode.

2. de-cluttering

We did the minimalist challenge, which is a month long challenge of throwing one thing out on the first day of the month, two the second day and so on. It's amazing how great it feels to continuously be slimming down your life. It honestly feels so good. I think we have become a bit addicted to throwing stuff out. I still want to do it now. It's probably a nice dopamine fix. Getting rid of furniture that we don't love

We just remove things that we don't really want in our lives. The TV we have loaned a friend, the cupboard under the sink is gone now. It just wasn't doing it for me. It didn't bring me joy, I went Kon Mari on it's ass!  So we condensed and de-cluttered again when we cleared out that cupboard and gave it away. I can pass it on happily because it is not what I want in my space. It could work for someone else. We also just have too much storage space. If I have the space I fill it. I'm learning not to fill everything, but it's easiest if I can just not have the space to fill.

Go into one room today and put on a timer for 5 minutes. Try to find as many things as you can that you wouldn't mind living without.

3.Don't go shopping.

One thing I haven't been doing much of these days is shopping. When de-cluttering our lives, my desire to shop has diminished immensely. I don't really want to bring things into my home, unless I really love them or they are things I will use, like groceries.

It's impossible to avoid shopping all together, unless you have someone doing this for you, making all your decisions. Everyone needs to go shopping, you need to buy something to replace something that has worn out, or will bring you real joy, like a fine art painting. haha. We haven't been buying things that we don't have a budget for. We have in turn been able to save up money for this year to survive living on 1/6th of our previous income. We have savings supplementing our income at the time being. But I'll be selling enough work soon to live on it. If we do have the budget for it and we know it will make our lives better we buy it. If you don't have the budget for it, BUDGET FOR IT. Save up. If you save up a few months of a 50€ shopping budget, you can buy yourself something nice every two or four months. Yes I shop this infrequently. It saves a lot of money and keeps my home from getting cluttered with things that don't bring me joy.

You probably weren't planning on going on a shopping spree today, but one way to do less shopping is to unsubscribe from any email subscriptions to shops that tempt you.

4.When grocery shopping, buy from the list only

We buy only what we need. Dom plans out our meals and collects recipes for the next few days and goes to the store with the recipes. Buys only what is on the recipe cards and our shopping list. We have been grocery shopping on a weekly basis. Usually twice a week. We live very close to grocery stores and weekly markets. Most Germans shop this way, They buy tiny amounts of things and buy a few things every week, when they have run out in their pantry.

What is our strange fear about running out? We are not living in war times, supplies are close by and available.  If you do run out buy some more tomorrow. No worries. I did not shop like a German. I am American. And Americans do not shop this way!!! Most people from the US have space for all kinds of shit. Most Germans don't. It's normal in Germany to have a tiny cupboard as a pantry. We just have a huge (for german standards) space so we have been filling all the space, Since simplifying, we have removed multiple cabinets in our kitchen to force us to eat fresher, and waste less food, and use less packaging. Preserved things are usually have a lot of packaging. I must admit that chips are usually on my list. They are usually pumped with preservatives and packaging. But, they are important to me. They bring me joy. So I put chips on the list. If it's on the list, we buy it. hehe

Write a shopping list for your next trip to the store, shop specifically for certain meals and only buy what is on the list.

5. Take back some of that precious time

We've taken breaks from our day jobs and turning down work and money for a while. It's a privilege to be doing this right now and it wouldn't be possible if we were in debt. People in debt have to be making a steady, good income. But we have recently become out of debt and we have the freedom to live on very little money. If we were making school loan payments, house payments, car payments, or credit card payments it would not be possible at all. But we have lived within our means the past 7 years of marriage, we have been spending within our means and putting money away to save for things we value like... traveling across the world multiple times, and buying and renovating a camper van. How can you buy yourself some more time? Can you work less hours and gain more time? Can you move closer to your job, so that your commute is not such a time-suck?

I'm not saying that you should quit your day job. But maybe there is something that you can quit, or remove from your schedule. Is it that book group that you just don't really get along with anymore, is it the TV? Take the TV out of your evening routine and choose to do something that you have been wanting to do more of, like reading or working on your correspondence like writing emails or letters to your friends from college. 

6.Focus on the family and friends

Seeing less people in general is honestly really refreshing. We have taken a break from our day jobs as teachers. We don't go to a big workplace daily. Seeing less people in general is honestly really energy giving. We currently see as many or few people as we like/need to. It's a balance we have music and art shows that have lots of people. Which are really fun and both energy giving and taking. I am an introvert so taking quality time with those that are most important to me is very important to me. I love sharing life with others. I am happy to love and be loved by others. But some times and seasons are important to just focus on the most important humans in your life! What a pleasure.

Plan a date with a close family member or friend. Go on a little adventure with just that person.

7. We have few of most things.

This goes along with De-Cluttering. Many things we only have one of. We have few of most things. If we aren't using them daily, or weekly, or monthly, then we usually get rid of it. There are a few things that we hold on to. Like the accordion that Dominik wants to really learn sometime. And my vintage clothes collection that I just can't give up, because I love the pieces too much. Or things that I love, like my grandmother's 50s dress. I think I am going to frame it. or use it in a piece of work. I want it to stay in my story a little bit longer. 

We have JUST ONE of many things. One teapot, one toy basket, (let's hope it stays to just a few), one hand soap.  Unless it's something I really enjoy the variety in, we buy one of them and use it up. I have a huge box of varying teas, but a slim "baking" section of a drawer. I have so many colors and types of paint for my art, but I have one shampoo.

I want to love even the most functional things in life. like our noodle strainer, or baby carrier. Love the things I use everyday. The smell of my shampoo, the feel of my paint, and the shirt on my back. If I don't love the things that I use and don't want to use them, then I shouldn't feel guilt about not using it, and giving it away or tossing it.

Today, choose a thing that you will just have one of. Is it just one pair of jeans, one color of nail polish, you do you. What is something that you would like just one of?

8. Repeat

Congratulations! You have been simplifying with me for the past 6 days! Now go back through the past 6 challenges and choose one that you want to focus on for the next week. Brainstorm some ways you can expand on this area of simplification. Can you take some more of that time back? Who can you call to set up another date with?  What's another room you could de-clutter for 5 minutes today, then tomorrow, for the rest of the week?

Thank you lovelies for reading and taking the time to simplify with me!



Studio Day ////// video

Wild vs. Influence

We can control and loose control. We choose and let happen. We give and take. It's always a balance. It's not that one overpowers the other. But the other gives from time to time. Life is a balance. Is that a ying or yang, a god or a man, a child and an adult. And everything in between. The imbalance and balance the same. independent of time. We can have both incredibly tormented and a very rich lives.

It's like giving birth. Every surge and push, pushes the little babe to the next level. One step further. Then I needed rest. Rest came. The time of rest was not long enough but it came. It was what I needed.

There are things that are out of our control. Like our health, our job situation. Naturally we can influence our surroundings but sometimes we are ultimately out of our control.

Like a good friend leaving, or having to loose a good friend, you've had so many great times with them, in a period that didn't seem long enough. We can be grateful for the time we had with them, and enjoy the moments we have with them at present.

A friend of ours' relative died out of nowhere with a brain aneurysm. She was two year older than me and had had a child. She had no control of that random occurrence. When thinking about how short life could be, I can't help but want to live life now.

Focus on life now and do what feels most me, and best for my family right now.

My art work is this push and pull of materials. It's a meditation of control and letting go. Wild and restraint. When in my studio I am, present and it is meditative. It's a dance of influence and wild.


Thanks for reading and watching lovelies!



summer in the studio

My outdoor space to work is wonderfully wild. I love making so close to nature. It is super warm mid day in the summer, an amazing space to work in in the mornings and evenings. I was working in there this evening when it began to rain and I could hear the pitter patter of the drops above my head. 

At times the wind blows dirt into the wet paint on my canvas in process, or it pushes the liquidy paints around when I'm not looking. Nature is wild and I am happy to collaborate with her when I make art. A few weeks ago as you may have seen on my instagram stories, that I left a few paintings out in a storm, just to let go of control a little bit more and let the wild take over.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Heidelberg: Metropolink Urban Art Festival

This past weekend kicked off Metropolink Urban Art Festival here in Heidelberg. Several large scale and small scale works are popping up in public spaces all over the city until July 19th, 2017. It's such a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and creativity around!

I saw their first ever installation/sculpture to be featured in the festival. It's bright and lively, and located directly in the city center at Bismarkplatz.

I am planning on attending a few wall openings throughout the festival and am honored to be contributing my own piece as part of the festival.

I have been assigned an electric box on Bergheimerstrasse to paint. I will be out painting it on July 18th. It is near house #34.

I am hoping to communicate a sense of calm and quiet to passers by. I don't quite know what I will paint yet but I am really looking forward to making some street art again.

The only way I have been participating in the Urban Art Scene in Heidelberg so far has been by doing a pop up mobile art exhibition in our van. But I'll save that for another post.


The last time I did "street art", was an illegal photography exhibition, when I lived in Washington State (9 years ago). It's going to be a challenge and so fun to make some more public art. This time as part of the urban art festival.

There is a wall piece opening by Sweetuno and Form 76 on July 1st right after our Frohmarkt (creative market), so if you're in the mood for seeing BIG art and celebrating creativity even more this comming saturday, I'm sure it will be a great gathering.

Thanks for reading lovelies,



Becoming unblocked.

I can feel it. I am becoming unblocked. I have never created this consistently and have never nurtured my artist like I am these days. I am changing and taking risks. I am selling my work and putting myself out there and it is hard. It's hard to declare that my work is good and that it is worth buying. It's strange and feels selfish to prioritize my artwork and studio time.


Dom came into the studio the other evening and said. "It's happening.  You're unblocking and living your art right now."

I really feel as if I am letting my true self live. I am an artist and being able to make and prioritize my making is an incredible freedom. I honestly feel as if I am blossoming. Haha. I don't really know any other way to desribe it. I really have never felt more me, ever!

When do you feel most like yourself? Or feel like you are at the right place and doing the best thing?

Thanks for reading lovelies!



Picasso Museum

Much like Salvador and Vincent, Pablo was incredibly prolific and called work finished when it was “finished.” Artwork, just like most other work can be something you could always work on more. But to be an artist we must have output and must call something finished, even if we are not completely happy with it. I know that all of these artists were so prolific because they created and just kept making. They called things finished. 

Picasso started as many artists do with realism. He painted his surroundings, he painted himself. It was fun to see much of his early work and his development as an artist but...


The thing I was struck with most about Pablo Picasso’s work was that he was able to make so much varied work based on limited subject mater. His series of paintings based on Valesquez’s painting called Las Meninas, was the most inspiring to me. The museum featured over 20 paintings of his from this series. The paintings were a study into composition and color. It was amazing to see painting after painting and be surprised at how different they all were. Some having gorgeous limited color schemes and are worked and overworked and others being super graphic that they almost seem like sketches. 

He didn’t stop, he kept working and growing and developing his style. Taking form to extremes. 

I loved seeing his work and imagining him paint one painting after the next. It was really amazing to see the pieces next to one another, and look at them as a collection. The size and variety in them was very impressive. He created so many works and called them complete. The version below was the most beautiful reinterpretation, I thought.

If you are ever in Barcelona be sure to visit the Picasso Museum there to see this collection and his development as an artist. So much fun!

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Haus-Mann / Haus-Frau

I totally understand why parents decide to stay home with their kids. I knew in theory that taking care of your own babies is great, but I honestly couldn't quite believe it. Before I had my baby, I was always so happy to return a baby back to their parents, and go home without a child. This is because it was not my child. At times it is hard to be at home with Vigo (my child), but this love that parents talk about is real. As a non-parent, I was sceptical about whether it really was great to raise kids. But honesly it is great and I get why parents are a bit crazy about their children. 

I am staying home and playing with Vigo as my priority 3 days a week. In these days I love on him and talk to him as my main job. Then whenever he is sleeping or he is content to play on his own (which he can handle for -5 minutes now! Woo Hoo!), I can get something done, like my morning pages, wash the dishes or take a shower. The dishes and mail can wait. I can do the laundry while babbling at him about the nice clothes he has or brushing the fresh towel over his face as he blinks and smiles. I can even take sold artworks to the post office on a walk with him.  You may be thinking, well just wait until they are running around or you have two. I know. 

But right now, I am loving, loving on Vigo and he has changed my life and priorities. He has interrupted my life so much and I am so happy that he has.

What an amazing job. To be home and be present with my child. That is all I have to do. The rest, Domink and I have agreed can happen if and when we have time throughout the day. Or when we really want to and the dirt is bothering us. Dinner is not even expected. That can be a joint effort. I love living this natural, creative and collaborative lifestyle.

On the road when we were splitting all the duties and were both always responsible for Vigo's needs. We were providing for him, but not really with him, we gave him 50% of our attention often times. It doesn't feel good. I know we all have to do this sometimes, just to get things done. But with this sharing of "Vigo Days" we can give him 100% of our attention much more of the time because he is our main focus. This baby is the luckiest! He gets childcare from either one of his parents. He gets our full attention frequently throughout the day and we all love it.

The only way we can keep this lifestyle up is by getting a bit of parental leave money (about 500€ a month), and making money selling art and playing music. We also have been trying to skim down our expences to the bare minimum. We're going to be skimping and saving here and there for these two years away from our day jobs. We are finally out of debt so we can earn less if we need to, but with art sales and music gigs and sales we are going to get through!

Thanks for reading lovelies.


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