Self Care as an artist-mother

Tonight, I have the evening to myself. The boys are gone, they went to a concert an hour away.

I stayed in. My to-do list is miles long. Things to do for the gallery, paintings to stretch and work on, vacuuming, gardening, I haven't mopped the kitchen floor in weeks. yuck.  But I realized more than anything that I needed some self-care, some me-time. Moms really need this and so do artists.

My two jobs these days are to be an artist and mother. There is a lot of giving that takes place in both roles. A lot of emotional energy used to communicate and connect in the process of painting and parenting. It is physically challenging, carrying these ever heavier babes and stretching large canvas.

So instead of tackling my to do list right away. I took a hot shower, ran to the store to buy a frozen pizza and watched an art documentary. My heart, and my introvert tank got a little bit filled up. I then took some time in the studio. Shortly after, I painted my nails, even though as a painter, a manicure is pretty useless. Painting my nails is a great practice that I try to keep up, because it guarantees that I don't accomplish anything with my hands for a good 30 minutes. I am not able to pick up anything, or work on anything, hold a baby, or clean anything.

I just have to sit and wait for the paint to dry. sigh. relax.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

What do you do to re-energize?


Anna BaerComment
the Zeitgenießische, The Time-enjoyer

Dominik took our shoes to the local shoemaker to get them repaired. He saw the space was open for rent and came home and told me. I immediately thought, 'this could be our gallery.'  The Zeitgenießische was born.

Zeitgenießische' is a made up play on words in german. It sounds like the word for 'contemporary.' but actually means 'time-enjoying'. We enjoyed the past 6 months in our Zeitgenießische pop up gallery so much.

I am so proud, proud of this venture, proud of our participating artists, proud of our community, proud of my family, proud of myself. 

Dominik Baer (my partner in art and life), and I signed the lease on the gallery and decided to make a little space to:

  • support the art scene in Heidelberg-Pfaffengrund.

  • present our work, curate and present the work of our contemporaries.


We had an incredible exhibition season. We have had 7 shows in 5 months thus far, 3 solo shows from locally based artists, 3 international group shows, and one bike art show.  We even showed two artists' work from our little borough of Heidelberg, Pfaffengrund. #pfaffengrundnightlife


I fell in love with the space. The big storefront window, the high ceilings, the scuffed up floors holding reminisce of the shoemaker, who occupied the space for 40 years before us. How special to occupy a space with such a history of craftsmanship. The space is so charming.

And got to know our part of town better. I got to know local lottery kiosk and flower shop owners by bringing posters by for events all summer.  Felt more part of a local and international art community then ever before. We had such nice little artist and collector gatherings on sunday afternoons during our regular opening hours.

This exhibition season is coming to a close. We have an artist talk on August 29th, 2018, with Jessica Serran and then a solo show with yours truly on September 7th, and then we are closing the pop up gallery to the public.

The Zeitgennießische Galerie, Heidelberg, is not dead, I have a strong feeling that it may pop up again sometime.  Maybe even next summer, because I have loved running the gallery, and having the open space.

I am however, realizing that I would like a break from organizing exhibitions, and hosting, I am going to be focusing on making new work, applying to residencies, and trying to get my work into other galleries. This next season is going to be a season of focus on my own practice, making what I need to make, and pushing my work out, to hopefully make more opportunities open up in our future.

This gallery was a risk, a financial and time investment for us (me especially), but I am so thrilled to have welcomed so many of you into the gallery and exposed you to great art in person.

Thank you for your continuing support and for joining us on this artistic journey. What will the future hold? What will we stumble upon next?



zeitgenießische: Olive Green Anna solo show.

Our first exhibition at the Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg is a solo show of my new work which I have been making in collaboration with my husband Dominik Baer. He is bringing out a new song every month and I am painting a new work in response to each song. 

The songs are singles, they are very differing in subject and style. My paintings are therefore very varied. Which is a challenge for me because I tend to work in series.

The largest work in the show is called Spinning Out, it is and energetic adventurous song about taking the leap into the unknown. I was so active when making this work, writing in big strokes spinning not the floor, sweeping layers of gesso over previous painted layers, swirling big spaces of paint together, scripting spray words over and over. On the other hand, Fall (the monochromatic one in black and white), is a very call quiet song about failing and getting back up. The piece visually represents the melody and vibes of the song. It is simplistic and calm, 

I'm honing in on my synesthesia skills, practicing the art of communicating one sense into another. I am incredibly inspired by this project. It is challenging me in my practice. I am trying out a variety of techniques and processes.

I initially didn't want to join Dominik in this project, I am fiercely independent and I knew the tunes that we were putting out this year. I knew I would have to paint a piece about our adventures, simplicity, miscarriage, and mind games. Did I really want to take this challenge on. I was hesitant but I am so glad that I agreed. Each song is very differing and there for each painting in this body of work is different. I am loving this time of experimentation and discovery. Letting each song dictate my movements and use of color. 

These are the first 5 paintings, the next 7 are yet to come. They will all be displayed when completed together in an exhibition at the end of 2018. We are planning a big exhibition, concert and screening of our project. More info on that come winter. 

Thanks for reading lovelies,



To hear the first 5 tunes listen to Dominik Baer on Spotify. 

Anna BaerComment
Bright Red Dot:

I'm thrilled but also somewhat hesitant to share my latest performance art piece. This piece is about the beautiful beginning of new life and having that growing being ripped away from you, destroyed. 

The song was written by my husband, Dominik Baer, featuring me singing, and in the music video performing a piece, painting to visualise our experience.  I'll write a bit more about it at a later date, but for now I would love for you just to take it in and share it with someone you think may be moved by it. 

Thanks for looking, listening and reading lovelies, 


Zeitgenießische Galerie: Solo show with Lucie Jestrabikova
Lucie Jestřabíková.jpg

Lucie shares a bit about her exhibition at the Zeitgenießische Galerie...

Inspiration for these objects in the exhibition, was my favourite childhood climbing frame, it was composed from two circles and fabric, which created a corridor to unknown/know. It was a gate way through dark to light in the end of corridor. This memory is motivates me, to go to the unknown/known. From first day in the primary school I didn’t come  through this climbing frame.

Today I am a creator of similar corridors, I am creating a gate, dark something, what seemingly going through a wall, but it is only delusion. I would like to come thru a wall like a ghost or hit a wall with my head until it falls.

Lucie studied sculpture and is making sculpture, painting, drawings, she calls them objects. There's no need for definition. Her work is calming and unsettling depending on the viewer and mood. I am delighted to show this emerging artist in our little gallery space. 

I then have asked her to answer these 3 questions with 1 or 2 sentences. 

Have you always been an artist? Since you were a child?

"When I was child, I wanted to be a cosmonaut or a pilot.
Art was for me something like from another planet, maybe that was a reason why I studied Art."

Which artist would you like to go to coffee with, from any era, dead or alive?

"Marina Abramović, Rachel Whiteread, Lygia Clarc and Meret Oppenheim. 
I think it could be a nice discussion about meaning of materiality in Art and society." 

What do you hope the visitors to your show will walk away with?

"Feeling of to break the walls or be in position direct in the middle."


Come and join us:

Sunday, May 6th


Zeitgenießische Gallery

Kranichweg 35,

Heidelberg, Germany