Hi, I'm Anna (Olive Green Anna)


I realised recently that there are several of you that are reading my blog for the first time and I haven’t introduced myself in a while…

I’m a working artist and gallery owner in Heidelberg, Germany. I paint abstract expressionistic mixed media paintings for emerging collectors all over the world. I take care of my babeies part-time and make art and run my creative business part-time. As an artist, I have never been so far along in a body of work, as I am right now. I am continuously learning and using new materials, pushing my practice and boundaries further and further. Parenthood is an inspiring and wild time. My experiences loosing a child, birthing a child, and raising a child have taken me and my painting to places I could never have expected.

I taught art for 4 years at an international school in Heidelberg. It was a wonderful time, but during that time I was barely making any of my own work. I studied art in Uni, in Washington State, printmaking, actually and I loved how structured and process based it was. I am all about the process. I learn so much about me and the world when I paint.

I’ve been on parental leave from my art teaching job, thank you Germany, and have been focusing on making art in my studio for the past two and a half years. I love teaching. I’m most definitely not done teaching, as a matter of fact I am pre-launching a new online course so stay tuned on Instagram.

What creative desire have you been wanting to put into motion?

In just 2 days my husband and I are going to be performing and giving a talk at TEDx Heidelberg. I am excited and delighted to share more of our journey there on the stage. Wish us luck.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


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