My 2019 Art Goals

2018 was an incredibly prolific year, we both (Dominik, my husband and myself) brought out so much new art, it is wild. We are finishing up the final bits of our year long collaboration which started with a crowdfund in Jan 2018. To see more about that project visit


2019 is an exciting year because we will be welcoming our second baby boy into our lives at the end of February, we are going into our third year as almost full-time artists, and we will be creating new artwork. There are many things that are still up in the air about this year. Dominik’s tour dates and my exhibition dates are becoming finalised but we know there are exciting things to come up that we can’t anticipate.

I have been using this intentional goal planner called the Cultivate What Matters goal planner and it has helped me to get clarity about things that are important to me right now, and what I want to prioritise moving forward. I have 4 art related goals that I am focusing on so far in 2019… here goes.

  1. Rest + relax and treat myself

  2. Take time to make / prioritize studio time

  3. Make a living on my art

  4. Write and launch my 1st e-course

In the next few blog posts, I will share more details about each of these art related goals.

My other two, more personal, goals are…

  1. shower Dominik with support, love, and booty ; )

  2. Be present and active with my sons.

What are your goals for 2019?
Thanks for reading lovelies,


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