10 lessons I have learned in 2018

Heidelberg artist, abstract painter
  1. With a supportive partner, even pregnant ladies and tired moms can have thriving businesses.

  2. Allocating roles makes life smoother. We have finally, after 7+ years of marriage, realised that Dominik doesn’t dislike cooking as much as I do, and I don’t mind cleaning as much as he does, so Dominik does most of the cooking and I do most of the cleaning. We haven’t had an argument about cleaning yet this year and it used to be a weekly quarrel.

  3. Getting rid of clutter in our home makes cleaning and tending so much easier.

  4. When we pull back our expenses we free up time and funds for other things…

  5. I have a lot of wisdom/resources to share, I just need to take the time to do so.

  6. If I keep making art and putting my art out there, I will keep selling.

  7. Our kids are tiny for such a short time, I want to savour every moment of it.

  8. My personal art style emerges when I keep making and following my intuition.

  9. I thrive when working outside of the home, in my studio.

  10. Dominik and I can work together well and create a beautiful body of work inspired by one another an our experiences. We haven’t always been the best at collaborating artistically. I am very independent and usually don’t like input in my artistic practice. But this year I enjoyed creating a large scale abstract painting to every one of his new songs he released. It has been a wild ride for us and I am so proud to share the whole project with Heidelberg on December 20th, at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg.

What is one lesson you have learned so far in 2018?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


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