Where do I want to be when I'm 80...

I’ve been working on some goal setting for 2019 and have been thinking big picture in terms of envisioning my life and how I want it to be. When it comes to being an artist, but also as a mother, wife, friend, and human in general, it is about the long game. Slowly and steadily making progress and growth.


When reading about some of my favorite artists, I am continuously inspired by their long artistic careers. These artists I admire, are active and prolific well into their 70s and 80s. What a wonderful prospect that is to possibly have 4 or 5 more decades of art making ahead of me. What an adventure this life is and will be.

Robert Rauschenberg kept making work and an impact until 82, Helen Frankenthaler was creating art until she died at 83.

Where do I want to be when I'm 80? Here are my hopes and what I imagine being important to me at 80…

-Dominik and I will live small, but I will paint in my big studio. Fame is not important to me, but being able to keep creating art and supporting my family is what I prioritize.

- I want to be active in the studio and stay adventurous. I will have studios in a few different places. We will travel to see family throughout the year, a few months in Thailand, a few months in the U.S. a few months in Europe, where ever the boys end up. Yup Vigo, we will follow you and your family around.

-Dominik and I will be enjoying each other and adventuring together, making love and romance, as well as making art and music. I have found such a wonderful partner in Dominik and I want to be sure to prioritize our partnership throughout life.

-I want to be encouraging other artists to be making work authentically their own. Inviting artists and creatives into my studio, teaching, mentoring, as well as collecting living artists' work when possible.

-I will do my part in terms of justice, stewardship and environmental impact throughout life. I will encourage the good and beautiful that I see around me and will live mindfully.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Anna (Olive Green Anna)

This post is inspired by the 2019 #Powersheets goal planner.

Where do you see you, when you're 80? What will be and won't be important to you then?

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