zeitgenießische: Olive Green Anna solo show.

Our first exhibition at the Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg is a solo show of my new work which I have been making in collaboration with my husband Dominik Baer. He is bringing out a new song every month and I am painting a new work in response to each song. 

The songs are singles, they are very differing in subject and style. My paintings are therefore very varied. Which is a challenge for me because I tend to work in series.

The largest work in the show is called Spinning Out, it is and energetic adventurous song about taking the leap into the unknown. I was so active when making this work, writing in big strokes spinning not the floor, sweeping layers of gesso over previous painted layers, swirling big spaces of paint together, scripting spray words over and over. On the other hand, Fall (the monochromatic one in black and white), is a very call quiet song about failing and getting back up. The piece visually represents the melody and vibes of the song. It is simplistic and calm, 

I'm honing in on my synesthesia skills, practicing the art of communicating one sense into another. I am incredibly inspired by this project. It is challenging me in my practice. I am trying out a variety of techniques and processes.

I initially didn't want to join Dominik in this project, I am fiercely independent and I knew the tunes that we were putting out this year. I knew I would have to paint a piece about our adventures, simplicity, miscarriage, and mind games. Did I really want to take this challenge on. I was hesitant but I am so glad that I agreed. Each song is very differing and there for each painting in this body of work is different. I am loving this time of experimentation and discovery. Letting each song dictate my movements and use of color. 

These are the first 5 paintings, the next 7 are yet to come. They will all be displayed when completed together in an exhibition at the end of 2018. We are planning a big exhibition, concert and screening of our project. More info on that come winter. 

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To hear the first 5 tunes listen to Dominik Baer on Spotify. 

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