Zeitgenießische Galerie: Solo show with Lucie Jestrabikova

Lucie Jestřabíková.jpg

Lucie shares a bit about her exhibition at the Zeitgenießische Galerie...

Inspiration for these objects in the exhibition, was my favourite childhood climbing frame, it was composed from two circles and fabric, which created a corridor to unknown/know. It was a gate way through dark to light in the end of corridor. This memory is motivates me, to go to the unknown/known. From first day in the primary school I didn’t come  through this climbing frame.

Today I am a creator of similar corridors, I am creating a gate, dark something, what seemingly going through a wall, but it is only delusion. I would like to come thru a wall like a ghost or hit a wall with my head until it falls.

Lucie studied sculpture and is making sculpture, painting, drawings, she calls them objects. There's no need for definition. Her work is calming and unsettling depending on the viewer and mood. I am delighted to show this emerging artist in our little gallery space. 

I then have asked her to answer these 3 questions with 1 or 2 sentences. 

Have you always been an artist? Since you were a child?

"When I was child, I wanted to be a cosmonaut or a pilot.
Art was for me something like from another planet, maybe that was a reason why I studied Art."

Which artist would you like to go to coffee with, from any era, dead or alive?

"Marina Abramović, Rachel Whiteread, Lygia Clarc and Meret Oppenheim. 
I think it could be a nice discussion about meaning of materiality in Art and society." 

What do you hope the visitors to your show will walk away with?

"Feeling of to break the walls or be in position direct in the middle."


Come and join us:

Sunday, May 6th


Zeitgenießische Gallery

Kranichweg 35,

Heidelberg, Germany