Bright Red Dot:

I'm thrilled but also somewhat hesitant to share my latest performance art piece. This piece is about the beautiful beginning of new life and having that growing being ripped away from you, destroyed. 

The song was written by my husband, Dominik Baer, featuring me singing, and in the music video performing a piece, painting to visualise our experience.  I'll write a bit more about it at a later date, but for now I would love for you just to take it in and share it with someone you think may be moved by it. 

Thanks for looking, listening and reading lovelies, 


Zeitgenießische Galerie: Solo show with Lucie Jestrabikova
Lucie Jestřabíková.jpg

Lucie shares a bit about her exhibition at the Zeitgenießische Galerie...

Inspiration for these objects in the exhibition, was my favourite childhood climbing frame, it was composed from two circles and fabric, which created a corridor to unknown/know. It was a gate way through dark to light in the end of corridor. This memory is motivates me, to go to the unknown/known. From first day in the primary school I didn’t come  through this climbing frame.

Today I am a creator of similar corridors, I am creating a gate, dark something, what seemingly going through a wall, but it is only delusion. I would like to come thru a wall like a ghost or hit a wall with my head until it falls.

Lucie studied sculpture and is making sculpture, painting, drawings, she calls them objects. There's no need for definition. Her work is calming and unsettling depending on the viewer and mood. I am delighted to show this emerging artist in our little gallery space. 

I then have asked her to answer these 3 questions with 1 or 2 sentences. 

Have you always been an artist? Since you were a child?

"When I was child, I wanted to be a cosmonaut or a pilot.
Art was for me something like from another planet, maybe that was a reason why I studied Art."

Which artist would you like to go to coffee with, from any era, dead or alive?

"Marina Abramović, Rachel Whiteread, Lygia Clarc and Meret Oppenheim. 
I think it could be a nice discussion about meaning of materiality in Art and society." 

What do you hope the visitors to your show will walk away with?

"Feeling of to break the walls or be in position direct in the middle."


Come and join us:

Sunday, May 6th


Zeitgenießische Gallery

Kranichweg 35,

Heidelberg, Germany

Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg

We found out last month, when bringing our shoes to get repaired at the local shoemaker's, that the shoemaker has passed on. He was well on in years, but it is still sad. This Schuhmeister was a staple in our part of town. He and his predecessor had been making and repairing shoes for decades in this little storefront space. 

Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg, Contemporary Art Gallery

When we saw the space, I immediately thought this could be our gallery.  I have always had a fascination with giving things a new life. My love and passion for vintage clothing, my delight in collage using old books and materials. I am honoured to be in this space, which hosted skilled craftsmen. We are overjoyed to bring new life into the space and present our craft and the amazing work of our contemporaries. 

This charming little space was available and so, here it is: The Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg. "Zeitgenießische Galerie" is a made up word sounding like the word for Contemporary Gallery and meaning the "time savoring gallery". 


I've been dreaming up some curatorial projects and have been wanting to start a gallery to show my work and curate work of my contemporaries. Dominik and I are are going to host art exhibitions, artist meet ups, concerts, workshops and hopefully some pop up shop/cafes. 

So the Zeitgenießiche Gallery, Heidelberg was born. 

We're celebrating a big opening in just one week. April 7th we will be opening our doors with some of my new work and new tunes from Dominik Baer & his band. We're not only celebrating the opening of a new creative space in Heidelberg, but also the successful crowdfund of Dominik's new Visual Album "Colliding In The Dark". 

Come visit and join in the festivities. They will be begin at 7pm and go until 10pm. Kranichweg 35, Pfaffengrund, Heidelberg is the address. Just look for the sweet little storefront and the crowd of arty people. 

If you have been needing a space to try a creative project idea or present your handmade art or goods please feel free to contact us. We are excited to collaborate with other creatives and showcase amazing makers in the area!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

Thanks for reading lovelies.


Behind the Painting: Fall

I'm proud to present a little clip about my thoughts and process behind the painting I did for Dominik's song FALL. It's my first monochromatic painting since my printmaking days in Uni. 

Making work in response to Dominik's calendar album #collidinginthedark has been a challenge so far. Each song is completely different, which calls for different visual elements. This is my second piece for the album, I am excited and curious to see how the next 10 turn out.

thanks for reading and watching lovelies,


December 24th, Maispace Exhibition, Art opening

I'm hanging my show this week. And I'm super nervous! 

I have a number of new works that have never been shown. They are a few pieces I started in Germany, and finished in Thailand. The others are works that I have made in the last month here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have been participating in their residency program here when there is space to sleep, as well as make and show work. I haven't been sleeping here, because I have family here, but I have been making. Maispace has been a great space to work in and Golf, the artist who is running it, has been a wonderful host.

I cannot wait to show this collection of work in a group-show with other international artists.

Come and see the show @maispace this sunday, Christmas Eve.

  • 24 December
  • Soft-Opening
  • Exhibition
  • Art, Music, food, drink beginning at 6pm
  • @maispace

thanks for reading lovelies! See you soon. I'll probably go live on instagram for a while at my show opening. If you're far away and would like to be here.

loving greetings,


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