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Amsterdam Shop Window: HutSpot
Hutspot was one of the shop / cafes I wanted to visit while in Amsterdam. It is an independent stylish hipster mall. They have a barbershop, a home-wares and clothing shopping section, a cafe and then at night they have a bar.

Photo courtesy of all other photos by me. 

It's a lovely place to peruse around and be inspired.

Hutspot has a lot to offer.  Next time you're in Amsterdam be sure to drop by and get your hair cut, a yummy fresh juice, some new ethically made clothes, or a cocktail at the bar. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam, where are your favorite places to visit?

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Here are a few of my other favorite spots in Amsterdam. Six & Sons, Restored, Latei.  

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Amsterdam Influx
This time visiting Amsterdam, I really wanted to move there. The museums, the architecture, the bikes, the interior and fashion design, this little city has so much to offer.  It really feels like a place I could see Dominik and I living in the future. It is touristy, like heidelberg, but I can live with that. Maybe one day when I go on to get my masters in fine arts or if we get teaching jobs there.

One thing's for sure, is that every time I visit Amsterdam, I have an influx of ideas and inspiration. I feel the great desire to make my dreams happen and be creative.

I think what draws me most to Amsterdam is how small everything is. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. The art museums are manageable, the streets are narrow, littered with interesting specialty shops, and peoples' well decorated apartments. The city is easily explored on bike, or on foot. It's a lot but not too much. "Klein aber fein," as the Germans would say. 

 *My good friends, Amy, Julian and Anne came along for the adventure which was a real treat.

We visited the Rijksmuseum, saw some of the Dutch Masters. I felt very privileged.

* These two little guys, were REAL KIDS. Dominik an I saw them playing in a park and we asked to take their photo.  They still have imagination and were playing outside. I hope our children will still do this! Who are their parents I want to talk to them...

If I lived in Amsterdam would you visit me?


Shop Window: Six & Sons
My favourite new spot in Amsterdam this trip was the Cafe/Shop Six & Sons. They have a shop that is divided into a cafe on the top floor and a wonderfully curated shop downstairs. 
The espresso was great. I order Americanos where ever I go.

The shop has an overall masculine touch. Which I am a big fan of. There is something for everyone in this shop. They have accessories, household goods, clothing, and toiletries. I loved their rustic mix of design items and vintage treasures. 

Next time you visit Amsterdam be sure to visit Six & Sons!  It's worth it.


Favorite Street in Amsterdam: Harlemmerstraat
 Restored is a curated design shop filled with lovely delicate pieces.
 Sukha is like a magical dream land to visit. It is so beautifully styled. I want to move into the store, it's so lovely and cozy.

 Six & Sons was my favourite cafe on the strip, it's been open for only a month.  It has a manly edge to it.  It is a cafe/shop.  A lovely spot to stop and sip a coffee, eat a tasty breakky and browse their lovely goods.

If you visit Amsterdam any time soon be sure to visit Harlemmerstraat.



Van Gogh Museum

I always knew that Vincent Van Gogh could draw realistically and that he developed his own impressionistic style, but I didn't realise that he looked closely at and worked under artists to really improve his skill.  He valued learning and mastering the basics before growing into and finding his own style, the style we know which looks quick and uncalculated.

 What I loved most about the Van Gogh museum was that it really showed his development as an artist.  It showed him copying the work of other artists, trying out various styles, and we could even have a peek into his sketchbooks.  What a treat.

In just 10 short years as an artist Vincent created over 2,000 artworks.  That's about 18 works a month.  He was definitely a tortured soul, but my was he motivated and prolific.

I was inspired and wished I could have brought my art students along to the museum.  I'm inspired to  practice like the old masters and find my own new art styles.

Here's to you, Vincent.