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Art Goal 4: Write and launch an e-course

When thinking about this goal, I get so excited! and nervous! I have been making art consistently and I feel as if I am finding my voice as an artist. It is so exciting. When dreaming up other ways to share my story I thought about teaching and I have always wanted to write an e-course.

I am nervous to declare this as a 2019 Art Goal because I have wanted to do it for so long but have yet to release a course. I have fear that I won’t pull through because I have had it on my mind to do for several years now.

But this year, after the birth of my second baby, as I am getting back into the studio after a break, I think will be a perfect time to write an e-course about taking time to make.

I am just 3 years into making art full-time, at the beginning of my long artist career and I remember what it was like to be a blocked artist. While teaching art to middle and high-schoolers, I didn’t make much of my own work,

I felt like I didn’t have my own style, or know where to start. I wish I would have had some guidance about where to start and how to take back time to make art.


When working on this goal I will keep the ‘why’ in mind.


I want to share my knowledge about getting un-stuck in the studio and beginning to make art authentic to me.

I want to share my journey + help people get back to or started making.

I would also like to use my skills and experience teaching, to teach what I am super passionate about right now. That is making art!

Creative people will see result and make art that they weren’t making before.

I will gain experience launching an e-course and add an income stream to finance my studio and family life.

I will feel proud + inspired by my participants’ progress.

My starting steps are to…set a pre-sale date, a launch date, and get to know udemy.

Wish me luck!!!


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