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Van Interior
Last sunday we returned from our 5 week van journey.  I wanted to shoot and share a few photos before we unpacked and moved out of our van. The space really became our home over the past 5 weeks. I honestly can't wait until we can get back on the road.

From left to right you can see the kitchen, bathroom (toilet), and living room. There is a board behind the backseats that comes out and has a leg, it slides into the rut above the toilet to make a table for working and eating (as seen in this photo). The table can also attach to the floor of the van and stand on the ground, outside of the van, on nice days as in this photo on instagram.

Here is our kitchen, we have a gas stove. The gas can under the bed. It's in a sealed box in the back with a vent so we don't accidentally get gassed out! Our pots and pans either hang on the rail when we are parked, or are in the wooden box to the left when we drive so that they don't clank around. The boxes above the sink have coffee, tea, kettles etc... then the other boxes toward the back are filled with clothes. Notice the safe on the top, far left, that's where we put all our valuables on our trip. It's screwed into the wall and the shelf from the inside, so it's not going anywhere. 

Our bed pulls out all the way to the edge of the sink, an extra part of the mattress is added, when it's bedtime. It's 2 meters long and about 120cm wide, so luckily Dominik and I are skinny minis and like to snuggle. I don't know where we'll fit the baby when it comes in January. Maybe a hanging crib?

I bought this bear bottle opener in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was fun to buy useful souvenirs along the way in Scandinavia this summer. We even bought a reindeer fur from a Norwegian lady in a dirt-yurt like hovel. We slept on the fur most nights, to stay warm, but it also covers our ugly back seats during the day.

Under the bed is where it isn't so pretty.  I am going to make curtains for the bits under the sink and bed, because our pantry, seen below, is a real eyesore!!! We didn't want to put in too much permanent storage because our van needs to be very versatile. It's our only car so we use it for big shopping trips and weekly stuff, but we also use it as a band-mobile for Dominik Baer and the 54s.

This summer we played a number of house shows, so the majority of the space under the bed was taken up with music equipment and Dominink Baer merch.

Well, that's our van, in its campervan state of being. If you have any questions about our set up please feel free to ask. As I said, there are definitely improvements we will be making over the years. But it has worked wonderfully for us this summer. It has been an amazing dream come true to have a home on wheels.

Thanks for reading lovelies!
It's been wonderful to see the great response to our trip and photos on Instagram and Facebook.


Anna and Dominik
Paris-Eiffel Tower
Naturally one of our first stops upon arrival in Paris was the Eiffel Tower, La dame de fer.   It was stunning.

This tower was built for the World Fair in 1889.  It is pretty incredible that such a structure could be the symbol of a city, and a whole nation.  It was the tallest structure in the world for 41 years until the Chrysler Building in New York surpassed it.  But it has not lost its beauty

I had few expectations for its beauty.  However, I was struck by it.  I was overwhelmed by its pleasing aesthetic

I am no pipe smoker, however my husband is, so I borrowed his hat and pipe for a few shots.  It just seemed appropriate.

I highly recommend seeing this wonderful man made beauty some time in life!


Have any of you ever been to Paris?