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Upcoming Events.

I will be selling at several Creative Spaces right around the end of September!

So, if you're a local (Heidelberg) vintage clothing lover,  get out you calenders and mark in these dates!

#1 : Heidelberger Herbst:  29.9.2012:  I will be selling along with Action House at Friedrich-Ebert-Platz in the old city all day!  Come and stop by!   They also have shows and other fun things happening there.

#2: Augenschmaus: 30.9.2012: (Mannheim)  I will be selling alongside several other creatives at this design and handmade market!

#3: Beat Basar: 3.10.2012 (Heidelberg) I love beat basar  I have already sold there several times.  It is always fun to sell there because there is a creative buzz in the air and I can meet many hip Heidelbergers.

 Are you going to come?

Kommt ihr?