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Happiness Guest Post: Cassie from Veda House
Today's Guest Post is from Cassie from Veda House.  She's a graphic designer, blogger, and etsy shop owner.  She has been fun to watch grow and develop her brand and design.  She is a great collector and presenter of inspiration. 

I asked her for a tip on how she stays happy. 

"For me, the easiest way for me to crack open the secret to happiness is to remember to slow down and stop and smell the roses. My day to day life moves at a crazy speed and neglect to notice the amazing things going on around me, I'm neglecting the simple things in life that make me happy. One simple thing that a constant in my day to day life is getting outside in the fresh air, taking the dog out for his afternoon/evening walk. This is something my boyfriend and I enjoy doing together, which means we get those uninterrupted 20 min to talk about anything we want without distractions. 

Hope this gets everyone thinking about the SIMPLE things you can do to bring happiness into your life. Who said happiness only comes from winning the lottery or splurging on a pair of shoes. Look for happiness in unexpected places!"

Cassie, Thank you bunches for sharing a tip for happiness.

Thank you lovelies for reading.

What simple things are forgetting to enjoy these days?  Or what are some little things that you always notice that make you happy?

Happiness Guest Post: Steffy Pros and Cons
 As part of the happiness series, Steffy from  Steffy's Pros and Cons is here to share some thoughts and reflections about happiness...

"I am generally a happy-go-lucky type of girl, but when I am sad, I can't hide it for the life of me! Usually all I really need to recover is a moment to sit and think or write out the situation. The two things that always cheer me up (as wacky as it may sound) are a cup of coffee in a cute mug with a dab of cinnamon, and a pretty looking cupcake. Something about pretty aesthetics and good tasting food in a calm and peaceful setting always grounds me and makes me re-think things!" 

 Thank you Steffy for sharing your little tip, to pick me up with us!  

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Happiness-Guest Post Veronika from TickTockVintage
 As part of the happiness series, Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage is here with her tip about one thing that she does to keep her happy.  She is a teacher, bicycle enthusiast, and a stylish lady indeed!   

I asked her for a tip on how she stays happy.  

"I'm usually a pretty happy and optimistic person, but when I do get in a sadness-funk - boy, is it bad. Whenever I'm bummed out, the first thing I do is hug my pups. We have three dogs and they are my favorite things in the whole world. All I need to do is lay on the floor with them or snuggle on the couch and I'm on my way to feeling better. I've read before that petting an animal can help relieve stress, and it's definitely worked for me."

Veronika, Thank you bunches for sharing a tip for happiness.

Thank you lovelies for reading.


What do you do to get out of a "sadness-funk?"
Happiness Guest Post: From Jill from Lune Vintage
 As part of the happiness series, Jill is here with us from Lune Vintage to share with us a little bit of what keeps her happy in life these days! 

"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." William Congreve
"When asked about nurturing personal happiness, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you. It's my number one trick to improving my outlook on life, and how I deal with it in a healthy way, day to day. Music has the power to lift my spirits, and validate my feelings. It's the medium through which we can gain perspective, and see the world from outside our frame of reference. Beat and melody are primal, and speak to our most natural instincts - and surrendering to that experience at least once a day will calm your soul, I promise!
When you see your day is going downhill, and you feel tense and brooding - spin a record, or listen to a play list that is proven to improve your mood. Dance, spin, and move if you can (even if it's car dancing on the way through rush hour traffic). Let it take you away from the present for just a moment, and then move on with your day with a song in your head.

As a mother and para educator of special needs children, I quickly realized the influence music has on babies and children of all ages. Soothe, energize, and enliven them, just as you would yourself with the power of sound. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, if you give yourself the time to appreciate it.
I look forward to outdoor music festivals in and outside of our city every year. I suggest planning to spend time in the fresh air, under the blue sky or starry night - and experience music surrounded by other humans, and our natural world. That's happiness and heaven, in my opinion."
Love Lune
Thank you Jill, for sharing such wonderful thoughts with us today! 
Thanks for reading lovelies,

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Happiness Guest Post: Delightfully Tacky
Winter at times has left me dreary and cold.   

I have been thinking about and researching a bit about happiness.  What makes one happy?  Whether it is something we can control as humans?  So on and so forth.  

I have been asking some of my favorite bloggers and humans what some of their tips for staying happy are.  What they do to have a glimpse of happiness in their life. 

So, to start this mini Happiness Guest Post Series, we have the lovely Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky.  We studied Art together in Uni and she has been a great inspiration to me in style and enjoying life. 

I asked her for a tip on how she stays happy...

"My little tip on staying happy? 

Create a living space which reflects your spirit, creativity, and is a calming and relaxing place to be.  I find that if my home doesn't reflect who I am, or if things feel "off" in my surroundings, I tend to feel more edgy and unable to relax.  This can be harder if you live with other people in a roommate situation, but always make sure to create one area in the room/house where you feel at home.  In college, this was my desk/bed area, and even though the other part of the room was inhabited by someone I didn't get along with, my space purely reflected me and was a little refuge, despite the fact that she was only 8 feet away.  I love creating a space that reflects who I am and encourages my creativity, and it ultimately makes me feel happier to come home to a such a space."

Elizabeth, Thank you bunches for sharing a tip for happiness.

Thank you lovelies for reading.

Where have you made a space of your own where you feel comfy and at peace?