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Day 5 -Hamburg- Hatari

I went to the most wonderful "Jaeger" (hunter) house restaurant while I was in Hamburg.  It had a lovely simple southern German menu, with a bustling, cozy atmosphere. 

Eating alone on vacation was a bit of a strange time at the start.   I ate out a whole lot and it was strange to always be saying "a table for one,"  and "No, I am not waiting for anyone else" etc...  And even the eating part was a bit unsettling becasue of the lack of conversation.  However with some time and confidence it became easier to enjoy meals on my own.  By day 5 I was a pro.

I sat in Hatari for over 3 hours reading my book, eavesdropping, eating a wonderful "Flammkuchen", drinking white wine spritzers, and enjoying my own company.   Being alone takes some time getting used to but it ends up being a lovely time indeed. 

If you are ever in Hamburg be sure to visit Hatari! (the servers are very accepting and non-judgemental) haha. 


Have you eaten alone at a restaurant in a while?  How to you feel when you eat out alone? 
Day 4-My first attempt at capturing Street Style
I have tried many a time taking photos of people's wonderful style on the street without them knowing it.  But the other day was my first time asking someone if I could take a shot of them for my blog.

Here is the result...

This lovely lady drew me to her with her specktacles and interesting coat.  I don't think I have ever seen a coat like that.  Her layering was wonderful and though it didn't give her much of a shapely silhouette it made her look comfy and chic.  I appreciated her look.

I will try and gain up the courage to ask a few more people in these coming months.  It is tough to ask and especially to ask in German.  Yikes.  I get very self conscious!

thanks for reading lovelies!

Day 3-Hamburg- Herr Max
I went to the most delightful "Konditorei" (cake shop) in the world the other day.

Scrumptious pie engulfed my taste buds.  It was a beautiful experience.  It was raw shredded apple with cinnamon, and almonds in a divine crust and then topped with vanilla sauce.  Oh my goosenest.

I am sad I forgot what the pie was called.  It was superb!

If you ever are in Hamburg you must visit Herr Max!!!

Thanks for reading lovelies.


Day 2: Hamburg

So, I just wanted to share the highlight of my day yesterday.

I spent the most wonderful 4 hours in Matilde's a cafe in Hamburg.  I drew, read, sipped delicious wintery hot chocolate, and watched a crime series with other guests there.

It was a wonderful comfy place to just be.  There were books stacked everywhere and a fire place with real wood burning.

What do you think of this lady's fancy hat?  There are a lot of seagulls and ships around here in hamburg so I thought this could be an appropriate hat to wear about town!  

As I said we watched a crime show.  It is on every sunday evening here in Germany it is called Tatort "The place of Death" (correct me if I am wrong German readers.).  So I guess they show it every sunday evening here at Matilde.  It was fun to be around with other people and to enjoy some mystery! 

I fell in love with  this lovely cafe and will surely be back another time this week!

I know it is Halloween.  I am not in the spirit at all... haha Germans don't really do it..

Did you experience anything new today?

Thanks for reading.