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5 Tips to Avoid a Winter Funk

It's about this time of year in the northern hemisphere when the days get significantly shorter, and it seems too cold to go out. Growing up in Thailand, which had no winter, did not prepare me for the grey days of winter. If I don't watch out I easily fall into a winter funk. 

So here are a few tips to keep your spirits bright during the cold months. These tips are for me just as much as they are for you.

Resist the urge to hibernate! Find out what's happening in your town, go out with friends, visit cafes and coffee shops on your days off. Just getting out of the house on the weekends will help you stay engaged in your community and thinking about things beyond yourself.

Dress well. Those days in sweatpants and jeans are wonderful, but if there are too many of them they affect the spirit, and make me feel grimy. So, this winter we need to remember to keep looking good even when our outfits are covered with big coats.

Listen to new music. I know this may not seem like it will help, but being adventurous keeps life exciting! Even though we can't go on summer hikes or swimming in the lake, we can be adventurous with thing like our music. It's about time we bought some new records and favorited some new bands on Spotify. 

Count your blessings. Acknowledging things that are great in my life, things I am thankful for, always lifts my spirits. I like writing them down, talking about them with friends, or sharing them on instagram. Just thinking about all the lovely things in my life keep me in a positive mindset. 

Do more of what you love. Usually things you love to do, somehow get put on the back burner. Whether it is going for walks, baking, or reading. For me one of my most favourite things that I rarely do is, make things. So, this winter I am going to take time to make! 

pppssst... I'll share a bit of what I've been creating later this week...

What tips do you have to keep out of a funk?

Have a lovely funk-free day!



Happier: Holly Becker at Decor8
I have recently been researching and gleaning information about happiness. What makes one happy, and how to stay happy. So, I've started this little series on my blog called “Happier,” which features some of my favourite bloggers/creatives and what three things they do to stay happy.  

What do you do to stay happy?

Today, we hear from Holly Becker who runs the blog Decor8. She is an incredibly delightful human, who leads courses, writes books and mothers a new baby boy Aidan. She is a fellow American making a life in Germany. 

What do you do to stay happy?

"The key to happiness, I believe, is to be positive even on days when it’s hard to see the good stuff. On those days, you have to force yourself to be positive, to see the good, to lift your mood – then you suddenly feel better and with that comes increased joy. 

But yes, positivity creates happiness in your life. If you always see the bad, you will feel bad. If you look for the good, you will find it and you will feel good. It takes more work at times – it’s easier to give in and see the negative in others and in ourselves but the moment you start to drift into that “dark zone” it’s essential to ask yourself why and if it’s not a deep-seated emotional issue but just a passing mood, then do something quickly to shift the mood. Of course, some days are just horrible – someone died for instance – and there is no way to feel better. That’s okay, we need those times to just cry and feel terrible. Beyond the clouds there is always a blue sky again anyway – you have to just believe that. 

 I have a bunch of things that I do to lift my mood when I am drifting over to the dark side. Mostly it’s MUSIC – loud music – great energizing music. Also, going for a long walk and ending up in my favorite local café sipping a sugar free Green Tea Chai Latte with soy milk.

It’s the little things that rev me up again and get my mood heading in the right direction. Another mood lifter, that recently has created a ton of happiness in my life, is my brand new baby boy Aidan. When I feel overwhelmed or negative, I look at him and how fragile he is, how he needs his mommy to be joyful, how my mood will affect his mood – and I also think about his birth and how HAPPY I felt when the midwife put him in my arms… And that immediately knocks out my bad mood. Again, it’s all about having access to thoughts or actions that can quickly pull you out of the funk."

Photograph credit:1.Trine Hisdal, 2.Holly Marder, 3. Holly Becker 

Thank you lovelies for reading! 

And Holly, Thanks a bunch for your time and your unending inspiration. I really appreciate you immensely. 



What do you do to stay happy?

To hear what Grace Bonney's tips in a "Happier" post click here
Happier: Grace Bonney at Design Sponge
I have recently been researching and gleaning information about happiness. What makes one happy, and how to stay happy. So, I've started this little series on my blog called “Happier,” which features some of my favourite bloggers/creatives and what three things they do to stay happy.  

What do you do to stay happy?

Today, we hear from Grace Bonney, who runs the blog Design Sponge. She is an incredibly delightful human, who has most recently been inspiring me in her podcast, about business and design, After the Jump

What three things do you do to stay happy?

"Hi Anna,

Thanks for thinking of me. My things are always changing, 
but here are my current 3:

1. Take our dog for a walk. It's hard to stay upset or down when you realize how many simple pleasures there are in life. Hope (our dog) makes me stop and realize the power of a nice breeze and watching the birds fly by.

2. Order a new book or read a new chapter. I've been reading a lot of books lately from various writers, buddhist monks, marketing gurus and local comedians. Each one brings a bit of wisdom or laughter into my day and gets me away from the stress that the internet can often be.

3. Admit that I'm unhappy. Having a moment that's rough is only made rougher by denying it. Giving myself a bit of time to feel upset, confide in someone else and work through it always makes me happier. Happy because I realize how appreciative I am to have friends who will help me through something and happy because I realize that I'm more resilient and stronger than I think.

g :) "

(all images from Grace's Instagram account @designsponge)

Thank you lovelies for reading! 

And Grace, Thanks a bunch for your time and your unending inspiration. I really appreciate it. 



What do you do to stay happy?
Happiness Tip: Read a Book you have been wanting to Read
I know that your book list is probably pages long.  However, just choose one that you have been wanting to read for sometime and get started.

It takes just one book to get you back into reading.  I have read for fun more this past two years than ever in my life.  It has been about a book every 2 months, but that is a lot for me.  It all started with the book The life of Pi.  Have you read it?  

Happiness Guest Post: Cassie from Veda House
Today's Guest Post is from Cassie from Veda House.  She's a graphic designer, blogger, and etsy shop owner.  She has been fun to watch grow and develop her brand and design.  She is a great collector and presenter of inspiration. 

I asked her for a tip on how she stays happy. 

"For me, the easiest way for me to crack open the secret to happiness is to remember to slow down and stop and smell the roses. My day to day life moves at a crazy speed and neglect to notice the amazing things going on around me, I'm neglecting the simple things in life that make me happy. One simple thing that a constant in my day to day life is getting outside in the fresh air, taking the dog out for his afternoon/evening walk. This is something my boyfriend and I enjoy doing together, which means we get those uninterrupted 20 min to talk about anything we want without distractions. 

Hope this gets everyone thinking about the SIMPLE things you can do to bring happiness into your life. Who said happiness only comes from winning the lottery or splurging on a pair of shoes. Look for happiness in unexpected places!"

Cassie, Thank you bunches for sharing a tip for happiness.

Thank you lovelies for reading.

What simple things are forgetting to enjoy these days?  Or what are some little things that you always notice that make you happy?