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Metropolink 2018

It’s been one of my dreams to paint murals. And in 2018 I had the pleasure of painting two murals. One in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the artist residency MaiSpace that I attended, and the second was at Metropolink Urban Art Festival here in Heidelberg Germany in the summer. I love painting large scale paintings on canvas, so I was so excited to bring my painting to walls. Metropolink has been a wonderful addition to Heidelberg, bringing beautiful art to the public all around town.

I love the large scale, the challenge. Translating my style and technique into vertical and large work is a fun and rewarding undertaking. I love making work of different sizes (scales). Usually I begin paintings with them lying horizontally on the floor, using very fluid paints and water, but I had to adjust my style to work on vertical walls.


In 2018, Metropolink took over one street in a former US army barracks here in Heidelberg. The homes have been abandoned for 5 years and have become overgrown and we artists occupied the street and brought it to life for a week of art and music. I was asked to paint the interior of an officer’s garage.


Metropolink recently published this catalogue of the last two years of festivals. It is avaiable locally at several cafes in heidelberg and it can be purchased by contacting The zine is a large A3 size with full page spreads of artist portraits and photographs of the murals that were painted. A beautiful portrait of me was taken in the catalogue. You can see all my wrinkles and freckles, it was taken on one of the hottest days of the year but it captured me really well.

This coming year’s Metropolink Urban Art Festival goes from Jul 5 - Jul 21.

Mark your calendars. It will be another wonderful year!

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Eberhard Ross’s work blew me away. It was so refreshing. So subtle and quiet and so hectic in the details. It was stunning. The detail, the pictures don’t do this justice you need to see his beautiful work live.


Eberhard Ross, I recently visited his show at Kunst2 gallery in Heidelberg. His work is quiet and gentle. It is calming and energetic. From a few meters away it seems so simple, a radiating gradient, and then when you get closer to it, you see that there are little marks, squiggles, and lines, scratched into the top layer of oil paint. He is going on my art wishlist. I just love his work.

I absolutely loved his work. Wow. It radiates it’s definitely worth seeing!



24.11.2018 – 26.01.2019

Kunst 2

Heidelberg, Germany

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Heidelberg: Metropolink Urban Art Festival

This past weekend kicked off Metropolink Urban Art Festival here in Heidelberg. Several large scale and small scale works are popping up in public spaces all over the city until July 19th, 2017. It's such a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and creativity around!

I saw their first ever installation/sculpture to be featured in the festival. It's bright and lively, and located directly in the city center at Bismarkplatz.

I am planning on attending a few wall openings throughout the festival and am honored to be contributing my own piece as part of the festival.

I have been assigned an electric box on Bergheimerstrasse to paint. I will be out painting it on July 18th. It is near house #34.

I am hoping to communicate a sense of calm and quiet to passers by. I don't quite know what I will paint yet but I am really looking forward to making some street art again.

The only way I have been participating in the Urban Art Scene in Heidelberg so far has been by doing a pop up mobile art exhibition in our van. But I'll save that for another post.


The last time I did "street art", was an illegal photography exhibition, when I lived in Washington State (9 years ago). It's going to be a challenge and so fun to make some more public art. This time as part of the urban art festival.

There is a wall piece opening by Sweetuno and Form 76 on July 1st right after our Frohmarkt (creative market), so if you're in the mood for seeing BIG art and celebrating creativity even more this comming saturday, I'm sure it will be a great gathering.

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Self Doubt As An Artist

Can I really call myself an artist? It's a scary thing to say. I haven’t made art seriously ever in my life. Since studying art, I have had times of abundance in the art-making realm, but it hasn't been consistent. I struggle to even call myself an artist. I am and have been an art teacher now for 4 years, but am I really an artist? 

Growing up I created paintings, collages, art journals, but I never thought I was any good. Talent wasn’t really evident in my hands. I couldn’t draw realistically. I wasn’t one of those girls that could draw horses impeccably. It wasn't until my second year of uni that I learned to draw.

There is just so much self doubt as an artist. Is my work good enough? Will anyone want to buy it? What do I want to create? I will never be as good as the masters. It’s crippling at times to even think about it. When I was teaching I used a lot of my creativity for lessons and helping students develop ideas. I excused my lack of art making on that. At times teaching insipired me to create, but most of the time it left me a bit dry. I have such artist guilt about creating so seldom, and somehow that is the reason I believe I’m not really an artist. An art professor from my undergrad said that only a few of us would continue to make art in our lives and those that did, were the true artists. I hoped I would keep creating, but convinced myself that I wasn’t a real artist. I mean I had only been making art consistently for 2 years by then.

When I did learn to draw and realised I could be an artist, it was such an exciting time! It felt so right. I could learn to make anything with practice and patience. I was so happy to have the skills and to know I could grow in the skills to be an artist. It really made sense. I had created visual things my whole life. I did love to create. I was moved to create, it made so much sense that I was, deep down an artist. 

I suppose the self-doubt will not ever completely go away, but I hope that it will visit less frequently. 


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Back in the Studio
One wonderful thing about not being on the road is having a studio again. Knowing I have a space for art and a space I can leave things out is such a privilege. It was tough to make art in the van with Dominik always around. He's not judgmental or critical at all, but I need alone time to get making. Being alone in the studio gives me artistic mind-space and space-space to create. 

I haven't officially announced it on the blog yet but I'm preggy, 20 weeks now. I'm beginning to feel better and starting to feel a bit like myself again. I think that may be why I haven't made much work since being pregnant, I haven't felt like myself. The beginning of pregnancy is f*&king terrible. Anyways, back to why it's great to be in the studio...

Getting back into making is hard too. I don't feel very much self-confidence and don't quite know where to start. I've been teaching art for 4 years now and I am super comfortable with teaching how to make art and giving assignments, but getting started on my own work always takes some time to finally get to it.

So, I started back by doing some tiny paintings. I didn't know what to do, but I just knew I had to start somewhere. I picked out a little quail egg. I had bought a set at an after easter sale and began painting. I'm not super practiced in watercolor so there is definitely room to grow.

I have false expectation that all my work needs to be fantastic. I'm an art teacher after all, so I have to prove I can do it. But especially at the beginning, getting back into making. But, I need to have some grace with myself. Give myself time to experiment and play. I'm sure I'll figure out some great series' to make once I have began making.

 How do you start being creative after a creative break?