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How to: Add More Comfort to Your Home

One of the main things people say when they visit our home for the first time is, "your place is so cozy."  It's a lovely compliment to get. And I can only agree.

1. Candles: Whether winter or summer, I usually burn candles at night. They are so soothing somehow. I don't know what it is about them but they do wonders for making a space feel comfortable and cozy.

2. Warm Tones: We have several warm toned pieces of furniture and a whole lot of wood. This really helps the space feel inviting and natural.

3. Pillows: I've only recently discovered the magic of pillows, both for their snuggly-ness and their aesthetic. I bought a few pillows from Karli Ingersoll's shop, and I love what they add to the look of our space.

4. Blankets: Naturally with pillows, there should be blankets.  I've noticed that even guests will take a blanket from this big inviting basket, just for the sake of getting snuggly.

5. Tunes: Putting on a record or some soothing digital tunes improves the vibe and the atmosphere of a space immensely. I've been listening to some soothy, groovy artists on Spotify such as: David Lamitre, Beachhouse, Gregory Alan Isakov, Release the Sunbird, Rodriguez. I may buy one of their records soon.

Do you have any comfy cozy tips to share?

Have a lovely comfy evening.



"Yogsicles!"= Yogurt Popsicles

We bought a fridge along with our new flat and it has a freezer.  I have been living freezerless for two years and one of the main things I was looking forward to about having a freezer again was making homemade popsicles...

The hardest part about making them is waiting.

 Though it has been mostly chilly in these parts, these Yogsicles do make it feel like summer is around the corner!

Do you make your own popsicles?  What are you favorite flavors?


My most favorite hot drink!
-1 shot of whiskey, (I use Jameson, some use Bourbon)
-1 tsp Honey (or more if you want it on the sweet side)
-1 tbsp Lemon Juice
-1 cup Hot Water

-A teaspoon of honey.   (you may want more if you are a sweet tooth, like my papa)

-Squeeze your half lemon, or use pre-squeezed lemon juice. (fresh is better!)
-Pour lemon juice into mug.

-Fill your mug till about 3-4 cm from rim with hot water.
-Top the mug off with 1 shot of Jameson.
This is such a lovely hot cocktail.  It is splendid to help keep warm during the cold months.   It is also wonderful for sore throats, colds, and coughs.

Keep warm and cozy this fall with a Hot Tottie in hand.

Thanks for reading lovelies!