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Proud Teacher
I am so proud of my gr 12 students. As I mentioned earlier, they had an exhibition last week and their hard work was celebrated by family and friends. And by ME!  I had only 5 Visual Arts Diploma students and they shared over 60 works all together.

Check out their fantastic pieces.

This is my first year teaching the IB Diploma Program (grs 11+12) art. It is a very vigorous program, with lots of criteria and hours the students have to put in.  It's a big accomplishment to have created so many and such fine work. Many of these artists had not had many visual arts skills before taking the course.

I don't normally share things about school much here on the blog but I am super proud and it feels good to share it with you.

I hope you have a lovely sunday!



Oh Don't forget, there is a DIY Werkstatt today in Heidelberg. Here's a link to the event