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Nesting: Garden Makeover Inspiration
1. Shirley Kurata, 2. 3. 4.

I'm hoping that our outdoor spaces will be cozy, comfy and welcoming. These inspirational spaces have nice lighting, inviting seating, rugs, and color. These spaces capture the essence of what I am hoping for!

To see more of my inspiration you can follow my Garden pin-board on

Wish me luck!



Art Investigation: Part 1: Brainstorming
I'm interested in being a little bit more intentional with the content of my art. So I've decided to share some of my steps and processes when working on making art.

Firstly, I spend some time to let myself brainstorm and realize what things I am moved by and passionate about. It's a bit jumbled and all encompassing, but that's the important thing about brainstorming. Everything can be included. I'm hoping to create some artwork about what moves me soon. So this is the first step.

After brainstorming, I picked one part that I felt most drawn to currently, NESTING 

One thing that really excites me these days is building a nest. I suppose it's much like the birds, now that it's spring. I am feeling the great desire and lust to create a beautiful space inside and outside of our home. I won't be laying eggs this year, but collecting, arranging, repairing and padding our little nest will be taking place.

Who knows what this will look like in my final pieces of artwork, but it's a fun place to start knowing what I'd like to investigate.

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?

Thanks for reading lovelies!

How to: Add More Comfort to Your Home

One of the main things people say when they visit our home for the first time is, "your place is so cozy."  It's a lovely compliment to get. And I can only agree.

1. Candles: Whether winter or summer, I usually burn candles at night. They are so soothing somehow. I don't know what it is about them but they do wonders for making a space feel comfortable and cozy.

2. Warm Tones: We have several warm toned pieces of furniture and a whole lot of wood. This really helps the space feel inviting and natural.

3. Pillows: I've only recently discovered the magic of pillows, both for their snuggly-ness and their aesthetic. I bought a few pillows from Karli Ingersoll's shop, and I love what they add to the look of our space.

4. Blankets: Naturally with pillows, there should be blankets.  I've noticed that even guests will take a blanket from this big inviting basket, just for the sake of getting snuggly.

5. Tunes: Putting on a record or some soothing digital tunes improves the vibe and the atmosphere of a space immensely. I've been listening to some soothy, groovy artists on Spotify such as: David Lamitre, Beachhouse, Gregory Alan Isakov, Release the Sunbird, Rodriguez. I may buy one of their records soon.

Do you have any comfy cozy tips to share?

Have a lovely comfy evening.



Christmas Cheer
Christmas cheer keeps me from getting grumpy during the start of winter. I'm a big fan of Christmas tunes, cookies, decorations, and punch. It's nice to have a tree this year. I don't have many decorations for it, but the ones we do have look just lovely. 

Making our home nice and cozy makes this time endurable. I grew up in Thailand, and I think my body still thinks it's silly to live in such a cold place.

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. I'm trying to believe this.  The pillow was designed by Karli Ingersoll, it's a comfort to me in wintertime. 

 Are you getting cozy and festive at home yet?


Art Studio Tour-Classroom
Welcome to the art studio!
I've been working in this space with my seven grade levels for almost one school year so far. The space is really well lit and has most everything we need to create great pieces. Here's our art studio.
I split the classroom into 4 table groups, colours.

Every table has a job:
Distributers= pass out materials
Collectors= collect materials at the end of class
Polishers= wipe tables when it's time to tidy up
Sink= watch the sink to make sure everyone washes their brushes and tools.

The jobs really help students to know what to do and keeps them accountable. But the main benefit is that it keeps materials and the space in order. There is only one art classroom and one set of materials for the whole secondary school. So, it needs to be a space where everyone can work and enjoy their time creating.
I use a bit of sign language to streamline communication when students are working. That way I don't have a student waiting 5 minutes with their hand up, when I could just nod my head "yes" when I see the toilet sign. 

Labeling jars for brushes helps keep them clean and accessible.

This last photo is my back storage room, which is gradually getting organised. There are a number of doo-dads that still need to find their homes. 

Have a great day.