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"Landes Bier": Beer Country: 2nd Edition: A very Wakeman kind of day.

On tuesday I had a very wakeman day.   A Vancouver Washington wakeman kind of day...Thanks giving is just around the corner I suppose they are on my mind and in my memory from this season.   I was photographing film photographs by Miranda (they are beautiful,I will post them soon!) ,  I was tasting beer (making me want to taste uncle wally's most recent), crocheting, wearing some of Liz's knitted socks, and wearing a beautiful pair of Joel Wakeman original earrings!

"Landes Bier"-is a little series about beer tastings.  Many of you know I live in Germany, I'm not a native to this land, I am a newcomer.  Germany prides itself on its beer, like many other lands.  I have been trying to know some local beers.  I am no beer expert and I don't know any of the proper beer tasting terms, however I am trying my hardest to explain, for myself and you, what the experience of this beer is.    

Paul Bräu-Brewery
Stolz des Kraichgaus- Proud of the Kraichgau- tag line
Export-name of beer

Handwerklich gebraut mit Eppinger Goldgeste

Fresh.  full, sweet, a hint of a fruity after taste, which lingers for some time.  It covers your tongue making it warm.  Makes your head warm after a couple sips almost like drinking whiskey...

A full refreshing beer.  A tad sweet after.

I am by no means a beer expert.  I have very little knowledge of beers.  I am just recording ones that I have intentionally tasted and trying to figure out which ones I like the most here in Germany.

Here are the lovely socks by Aunt Liz.
And some earring shots from Joel Wakeman. These earrings make me feel very woodsy, pretty with a hint of dirt. My favorite kind of pretty.   Check out his website here .  Joel you make me want to live in America so that you can make all of our furniture!  Beautiful work.  I want to see some of you more recent stuff up soon! 


Oh and another good reason to have a husband is so he can cut your hair.  I have a lovely new trim from my very own husband's handy work!!! pretty good hey?  

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