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Lovely Den: The Smiths Loft
Okay so this is the most stunning living space I have seen in a very long time!  There have been some amazing renovations to the space and it impossible not to share!  I am sure that if you have visited Apartment lately you will have already seen this but, oh my goosenest it is so lovely! 

Are you kidding me?

 The studio is the killer for me!  Isn't the space just so stunning?

Here is the whole House Tour!  wow.

Thank you Apartment Therapy for sharing, and the Smiths!  lovely home.

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Lovely Den: Hilda Grahnat
I'm a huge fan of Hilda's photography.  I bought some postcards from her a bit ago.  She has the most lovely website.

Hilda shared her lovely home on Apartment Therapy, so courtesy of them I am sharing some of my favorite spots of hers.   I love some of her spaces within her high-rise flat.
 her taste is so beautiful!
look at all those clocks!

charming huh?  yeah.  I love what she has done with her space. 

Thank you Hilda for being lovely. 

Check out the whole tour here. 

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