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Growing up: at 28

Getting older, I don't mind it. Not yet anyway. 

Growing up, it means more freedom and more responsibility. Dominik (my husband) says I've really changed. I am just as motivated and able to relax as ever, but Dom says there are a few small things that have changed drastically since he met me at 17 years old. I think responsibility and freedom are the two things that have influenced these little changes. 

He says I've cleaned up a lot. haha. I am much more punctual and tidy. My clothing, the spaces I live and work in, have all become more neat. 

I have changed. Those of you that knew me just 7 years ago are probably nodding your heads right now. I was dressed super raggedy. At that time I was volunteer at a homeless youth center, and one day one of the street kids asked me, "Hey Anna, are you one of the volunteers or clients here?" It was pretty clear that I looked like I lived on the streets. I had always worn what I wanted, regardless of what others around me were wearing. I wore the same thing almost every day. In college, my clothes said, "I don't care." 

One year after that, I was done with my masters in teaching, wearing pencil skirts, and granny blouses. Growing up to me at 24 meant dressing like an old lady. Teaching was the first time in my life that I was in charge, fully in charge (responsibility). This is when getting places on time and dressing a bit more presentable became necessary. My punctuality and appearance reflected me, and making a good impression with my appearance mattered, for what felt like the first time. I remember it being really uncomfortable to dress a certain way for others. It plagued me, almost morally. 

Growing up at 28 is embracing freedom and responsibility, in turn, doing what's right for me, but ready to put others above myself. I think I'm finding a healthier balance in myself, and in my style. I dress presentably. I try to wear things that are multifunctional, that I can wear teaching, playing music, or travel in. Having the freedom to do all these wonderful things comes with a lot of responsibility. I love growing up!

It's interesting, looking at the superficial changes that have been happening in my 20s. It's fun to try and find out what was and is motivating me to dress and act the way I do.

Superficial changes usually indicate inner changes. Agree or disagree?


P.S. I turn 29 on Wednesday. We'll see what growing up to me means at 29...

Manhattan, I adore

New York city is warmer in the summer than I would have expected.  I suppose all the romantic comedies that take place there are at christmas time, so I usually imagine it cold and snowy/rainy.  I love hot summers!

 I think I could live in NYC, it's such a colourful and multifaceted city.

I didn't take much time for blogging during our travels this summer, so I have a lot of lovely catching up to do. We're back in Germany now, back to regular life. School has started, but I still would love to share all my USA adventures with you. 

Have a lovely day!



Central Park

Experiencing new places is like nothing else. I feel uncertain, trying to grasp where things are directionally, while enjoying the new sights and smells. One gets a heightened sensitivity to things. Buildings, plants, and people look different. The first day is usually the one where I notice all the differences to home. Our journey began in NYC which was  a great transition stop for us from our home in Europe. It was easy to get around on public transport, a big city, lots of variety in food, cultures, and activities. 

While traveling I've noticed the importance of versatile clothing. This year, I have found the most perfect, summer, travel dress. It's light weight, flowy, and chic. It can easily be dressed up or down. I could wear it to a wedding or to the park. It's wrinkly out of the suitcase but that's just the life of a low budget traveler.

The trip has been a delight so far.

To follow as we travel, in real time follow me 

@olivegreenanna on instagram

. (I only occasionally have extended periods of internet access to blog.) 

Have a great beginning to august!



What I Need...

I'm usually quite good at knowing what I need, I usually guard my alone time, go to bed early, and relax when I start noticing that I need to slow down.  But the last few weeks I was ignoring all the intuitive signs, and it took some germs to make me realise what I needed.

 I pushed through the sickness (a sinus infection) trying to get all my grading done for students, meeting with people, visiting a professional development workshop, and ignoring my need to take a rest and get some good sleep. I ended up having to resign to my body, it took charge and floored me. Now, after a week and a half of rest, I realise (again) that I need to pay attention to the signs. I need to listen to my body and my heart and know what I need.

I think it is a part of growing up. Understanding what I need will probably take some time.  I know that when I take care of myself and satisfy my own needs, only then can I be there for my husband, students, and friends.

Do you struggle to really know what you need at times?


Art Teacher Style

Well, it's official, I can let the cat out of the bag.  I have been hired at my school as secondary art teacher indefinitely. I am thrilled.

I had been working as an assistant teacher for two years, and then this year I have been standing in as art teacher for someone on sabbatical, but she decided to extend her sabbatical and resign.  I have been hired and I am delighted to be teaching art for a longer period of time! It's wonderful to have my hard work be noticed and to reap the benefits of being faithful to a school.

Since receiving the position, I have been on full teacher mode.  Thinking and dreaming art teacher. I think about upcoming units, rearranging the art supply storage room, and have mostly been planning my gr 12 exhibition this past week.

It's really fun to let my heart really sink into the role and to embrace teaching art fully.  This whole year it has been hard to stay motivated because I knew I wouldn't be staying on, my hard work on lesson and unit planning felt a bit useless. Now it is all worth it. I have a lot of material I worked on this year to modify and try again next year.

I just wanted to share my delight and this big change in my life and in my heart.

Thanks for reading lovelies,