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Hot Mojito
 Hi Lovelies.  Tis the season for hot cocktails.  Though I still am craving those summerly refreshing flavors, I need them to be warm and not chilly.

So, today I bring you my hot mojito.
 This makes a small tumbler of this hot refreshing beverage.  Just combine the following ingredients.

-1/2 Lime
-2 teaspoons of sugar
-1 shot of rum
-a cinnamon stick
-a cup of hot water.

*If you want the vitamins from the citrus let the water cool a bit after boiling, and then put the citrus in. 


Yummy Breakfast Smoothie
I have been enjoying a super nutritious and delicious breakfast smoothie the past few weeks.  It is great because I don't like eating a whole lot when I first wake up.  But drinking something is a lot easier.

Ingredients include, strawberries, plain yogurt, almonds, oats, milk and banana.  I try to make about equal parts but sometimes I am in the mood for more banana taste or more strawberry.  I go with my gut.  haha.  Very specific recipe.

Do you know any stellar tasting and nutritious smoothie combos?



"Yogsicles!"= Yogurt Popsicles

We bought a fridge along with our new flat and it has a freezer.  I have been living freezerless for two years and one of the main things I was looking forward to about having a freezer again was making homemade popsicles...

The hardest part about making them is waiting.

 Though it has been mostly chilly in these parts, these Yogsicles do make it feel like summer is around the corner!

Do you make your own popsicles?  What are you favorite flavors?